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Ibrox media partner confirms Sydney O** F*** Festival is in doubt

Image for Ibrox media partner confirms Sydney O** F*** Festival is in doubt

Derek Clark has confirmed that the Sydney Super Cup is in doubt. 

New Zealand based broadcaster Jason Pine was first to raise concerns about the November tournament which is based around the O** F*** clash beloved by both sets of directors in Glasgow. 

There has been a furious backlash against the November 20 friendly with banners and chants displayed at Celtic Park and Ibrox since the match was announced. 

Clark is a reporter for the Rangers Review, an official media partner of the Tribute Act with access to high ranking officials. 

Celtic fans have been softened up by leaks that their club will pick up a bigger fee for playing in two matches and also the scale of anger among Ibrox fans. 

Social media reaction has been scathing with James Bisgrove, David Graham and Stewart Robertson all under attack for their willingness to be the support act on Ange’s Homecoming Tour. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Old news the The Scudmeister was ahead of the game a few days ago when I told you all sevco would withdraw.
    Onion bears put pressure on the board and they bottled it and caved in.

  • Seppington says:

    “Unresolved issues with the organizer…”

    I can just picture it…

    “Haw ya walluppurr ye nevurr telt us we’d be sloapeh sekkunds in yur Angeorgy ya bas! We waant mair munneh ur we might no bring oor digkneefried klub tae yur honkin’ countreh ful o’ things as poisonous as we urr!”


    Sorry Scudmeister but I said the same pretty much the moment the game was confirmed, though I didn’t expect them to withdraw until the title is decided, i.e. when we’ve crushed their dreams once again. I reckon they’ll hang on in the hope we don’t win it then it’d be a humiliation for us & Ange and we all know what a shower of triumphalist bastards they are. We also know they slink off into corners and bitterly rage and weep when we have been gloriously victorious and are laughing at them, which is what I expect will be the case.

    • Scud Missile says:

      There are problems coming down the pipe for them between Cashley wanting his dosh and King the CHISLER sniffing around.
      They need a feelgood factor to keep the klan on their side,hence no Tetley tea Sydney cup for sevco.

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