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Frankly insane amounts of abuse- Celtic podcast host decides to step down

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Laura Bradburn has announced that she is stepping down as one of the host presenters on the Celtic State of Mind podcast. 

Update: Laura is stepping down from Twitter, not ACSOM.

Over almost two years she had been a familiar voice on the shows with a regular Friday slot alongside Jim Orr and Tony Haggerty. 

The appeal of most podcasts is that the content comes from enthusiastic fans rather than polished and bland media professionals with Laura fitting the bill perfectly. 

There were heart on sleeve comments, discussions and opinions as well as a natural ability to keep the show running along, covering the topics of the day. 

Sadly some folk, mainly on Twitter seem incapable of decency or debating relevant points, sinking to personal abuse with their comments. 

A thick skin only goes so far, when the fun and enjoyment goes it is best to step aside. Taking a break from the frontline hopefully Laura reappears at some stage further down the line- and enjoys the last four matches of the season to the max.

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  • Laura Bradburn says:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the support on this but just wanted to clarify – I haven’t stepped down from the pod. I have decided to shut down my Twitter account but will remain on the show as long as I’m welcome to do so.

    • Jim says:

      Watched you often Laura on the show. You were always very informed and balanced. What a sad time for Paul and the Acsom team. All the very best for your future endeavours

    • Jimmy says:

      Just ignore my thoughts below.
      Please continue on the show and doing the great work you and everyone else does.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Social media is awash with abuse and hate ,I dont do Twitter,facebook or most of these platforms, I know people who do some it if is unbelievable, Laura keep up the great work HH.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Friday show is my highlight of the week the trio are always entertaining.Keep up the good work Laura.and keep those two in check as usual

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