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FOUR Calvin Bassey stories have BBC Scotland drooling over Ajax windfall

Image for FOUR Calvin Bassey stories have BBC Scotland drooling over Ajax windfall

There aren’t many media outlets that can compete with the head-over-heels devotion of BBC Scotland to matters at Ibrox. 

Whether it is on telly, radio or online the state broadcaster can be relied on to pump out good news stories for the gullible on a round the clock basis. 

With Kenny Macintyre, Tom English and Alasdair Lamont on-message the airwaves are true blue, Steven Thompson, Kenny Miller and Jane Lewis front up the TV output with an army of keyboard warriors keeping up the attack online. 

CLICK HERE for great stories on BBC Scotland.

To go with four versions of the same fantasy story is a few steps too far. Fair enough a £25m windfall from Ajax is going to help keep the lights on but there aren’t four different versions of the same moonbeam. 

For days on end BBC Scotland were happy to share stories about the race for Joe Aribo, when the field was reduced down to one club and a bid of £6m they quietly tucked it away. Clearly lessons haven’t been learned with the BBC website vying with Ibrox fan-media in terms of delusion. 

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  • Seppington says:

    Please stop linking to their site. You writing these articles allows us to read their pish without giving them clicks. Every click helps fund the BBC and it’s anti-democratic pro-union agenda. Deny them this in every way you can.

    Editor: With no adverts I don’t think that clicks on their site earns them money. You’ll note videos explaining how to stop paying the TV (BBC) Licence fee.

    • Walter Chinstrap says:

      Well said that lad

    • Seppington says:

      It might not gain them revenue but it gains them continued relevance. It still doesn’t explain why you feel the need to link to their lies? You’re showing us enough of them here!


  • John Copeland says:

    Any one would think that the BBC with its billions of our tax, sorry licence fee money could have enough firepower to produce their own exclusive scoop stories. Not at all. Clickbaiting other news sites for second hand news is quite typical of our national broadcaster. As the greatest BBC sports commentator David Coleman said once,quite remarkable,it really is quite remarkable!

    • Seppington says:

      To be fair, BBC Scotland gets a pittance budget so nicking news from elsewhere is “cost-effective” I suppose…of course, that’s no excuse for their cherry-picking of pro-scum stories while ignoring inconvenient realities.

  • harold shand says:

    You ever seen such desperation to punt a player ?

    They’ve even got one of his team mates hawking him now


  • the maister says:

    Look at ULC Final 95th minute and Bassey fumbles a pass-back from left back and allows the EF striker in for a shot on goal. Not the classiest of ways to deal with a back-pass!

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