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SFA planning major VAR change

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Plans are in place to introduce VAR ahead of the November World Cup break. 

Four years after the technology was introduced in the EPL and other major European leagues the Scottish game is finally set to get on board. 

Financing the scheme was agreed at the end of last season with a sliding scale that sees the SPFL champions pay out much more than the club that finishes 12th in the Premiership for the same technology. 

Just six sets of cameras need to be purchased but setting them up, training officials and creating the right infrastructure has added to the costs. 

VAR is scheduled to come into use over the weekend of December 17 following a five week break for the World Cup Finals but according to The Sun that timeline could be brought forward: 

SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell claimed last month that his own preference would be to bring it in “as soon as we possibly could do it”. 

And SunSport understands clubs are now aware of plans to speed up the introduction of VAR several weeks ahead of schedule. 

Refs’ chief Crawford Allan is believed to have addressed the issue of fast-tracking at yesterday’s SPFL annual general meeting. 

There are still major logistical issues which will prevent the technology from being ready for the big kick off a week on Saturday. 

Hampden bosses are keen that big screens – and monitors for broadcast partners – are in place to allow VAR decisions to be communicated as they take place. 

They are determined that supporters in the grounds and fans listening or watching at home are aware of the decision-making process as it happens. 

It’s understood it will still take a number of weeks before all 12 top-flight clubs have the necessary kit in place within their grounds. 

But there is a collective will in place, led by the SFA, to speed up the introduction and it now looks certain to begin weeks before the league is halted for the Qatar kick-off in November. 

There has been no comment from the SFA about the number of VAR trained match officials they have. With refereeing a part-time occupation being VAR trained gives officials the chance to increase their income through watching matches on a screen. 

Celtic are at home to Ross County on November 12 with their next SPFL match on December 17 away to Aberdeen.

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  • Gerry Graham says:

    Training Officials..How much training do they need to say”Penalty to Sevco”..

  • John mcghee says:

    Theirs only one new club who will benefit var at its over in cheating liebrox and thats afact the corrupt sfa.spfl and there cheating officials will make sure of that another fact Scottish football is corrupt as hell masons freemason running hampden its really embarrassing honest oldco rfc 1872 ebt sideletters for year and they walk free any other club liquidated have been shown the door but not at liebrox scum hampden as usual rats sucking mr.park wriggled dick ask Doncaster who sat himself when parks threatened him dirty cowards at hampden SCUMBAGS.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    VAR has been in use all over the world now for quite some time, quite how there are still “major logistical problems” in Scotland after all the time they’ve had to prepare for something that was inevitable is totally beyond me, it just proves our games administrators are basically shite at their job.


    The logistical issues refer to the positioning of the cameras.
    They have to build 2 separate sets of infrastructure at SPFL grounds.
    The second set is for when Celtic and OldFirm Fc come calling.
    The ‘hand’ picked Refs must still be allowed wriggle room for Penalty to Ranjerks and RED CARD,RED CARD against Celtic.
    It was ever thus.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Well many other ‘lesser’ leagues like Cyprus and Slovakia already have VAR, so what’s the problem for the SFA?

    Are they still trying to decide which Lodge will house offsite reviewers?!

    Whilst VAR is to be – belatedly – welcomed, you just know that the SFA/SPFL will attempt to introduce their own ‘unique version’ – and make a right pig’s ear of it. 🙁

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