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Ange’s limited years comment will reassure Celtic fans

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After waiting more than a decade to find a way to Europe Ange Postecoglou isn’t in any rush to ditch Celtic for the brighter lights of the EPL.

Brendan Rodgers is discovering the painful reality of life outside of the big boys, the career path that he anticipated when he left Celtic in February 2019 hasn’t quite worked out as planned.

While trying to talk up the Sydney Super Cup it seemed that most Australian media outlets wanted to know when the former Socceroos boss would be jumping ship to the EPL.

Two months into his second season at Celtic Postecoglou has been linked with Leicester and Brighton but none of the speculation has come from the current hoops boss.

Timing is everything in sport with Postecoglou well aware that Celtic’s protracted chase for Eddie Howe may have led him to the opportunity perfectly suited for his special skills.

Picking up on an interview from Australia, the Daily Record reports Postecoglou saying:

I’ll always go where the challenge is greatest and I still have some stuff I want to conquer. But I am 57, to be fair. I’m not 47 or 37, so there are limited years ahead of me.

There is a run to the finish line and I want to make sure when I get there that I have done everything I wanted to do. There are still some horizons I need to conquer!

Although contracts can appear meaningless many Celtic fans would like to see Postecoglou given a significant pay hike and a long term deal to replace his current 12 month rolling contract.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Ange has job the wants to do through at Celtic, a job for him, for us and for the squad. He will see whatever it is he wants to do and leave in the right circumstances. Ange will leave a better club than the one he inherited and that’s not tomorrow.

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