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Watch as Barry Ferguson explains how Plan A Ange hammered leading European coach

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Barry Ferguson was pushed into some furious back-tracking after the latest Demolition Derby.

On Saturday morning the former Alloa boss was explaining to Daily Record readers how Giovanni van Bronckhorst had susses out Ange Postecoglou, patronising the manager of the Scottish champions, Ferguson claimed that ‘big Ange’ only had a Plan A while the Ibrox boss also had B, C and D which he could sometimes deploy in the same match.

Postecoglou diplomatically brushed that claim aside at his pre-match media conference, by half-time in the Derby Ferguson was looking as exposed and vulnerable as the players in blue shirts.

In every area of the game Celtic were superior, they played with purpose and energy with a burning desire around goal to put the ball into the back of the net.

On television and radio pundits seemed surprised but Celtic played exactly the same way as they had in every game this season. There were no surprise tactics or selections, when players went off the substitutes played exactly the same way.

Plain and simple, Celtic were the better team………….They’ve let a lot of people down, if they are professionals they’ll know that they’ve let themselves down but there’s no getting away from the fact that Celtic were stronger in all departments. It’s a sore, sore one. A sore, sore one to lose.

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  • Dovit says:

    Once a tosser always a tosser

  • Pan says:

    This guy Ferguson is not a very bright lad at all. In fact he verges on idiocy.
    Sevco players have not let anyone down, not even themselves. They were beaten by a far superior team. The trouble is that those associated with them possess a misplaced sense of superiority.

    Fergusons statements come out of his inherent bigotry and hatred of a certain section of society. This person should perhaps reflect on the criminal way he avoided payments to the taxman. The best thing he can do for society in general is keep his mouth shut. Nothing he says is worth listening to. He was an average football player in a cheating club and too brainless to become a manager, even at a low level.

  • Pan says:

    For the record, I forecast the result absolutely correctly before the game.

  • Robert Downey says:

    Barry Ferguson is not very bright, he’s lifted this little nugget of information from Michael Laudrup, who said the same thing, ……..last season. And we all know how that turned out.
    Laudrup actually said GVB told him he had Celtic sussed and they were not a problem.
    There is not one Rangers player I would have in the Celtic team or in the squad.

  • Tam says:

    Barry Ferguson said CELTICS goals were all bad goals to lose. Well Barry Ferguson describe a “good goal to lose” . I wonder what Barry Ferguson and the assessor thought of Nick Walsh’s performance as I’ve said before…if the punishment for getting things wrong is NOTHING why try getting things right. I don’t think UEFA or FIFA will adopt the new rules Walsh and other Scottish referees make up

  • Mr James mccusker says:

    Never understand why players and ex players make stupid statements like Ferguson made.

    Maybe next time he will think before opening mouth ?

    Editor: Could be a long wait, that is why Alloa binned him and Boab Malcolm.

  • the maister says:

    With his new up-to -date looks and style, wee Barra wouldn’t look out of place on the set of River City. I am sure they’d be able to find a caricature to fit him! Or he could play himself in Only an Excuse at the end of the year! Just sayin’ … !

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