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Watch the Scott Arfield howler- with ‘Rangers’ TV commentary

Image for Watch the Scott Arfield howler- with ‘Rangers’ TV commentary

While the fourth goal summarised the shambles of yesterday’s Derby opponents there was one other incident worthy of note.

Late on in the second half Joe Hart was setting up another attack by taking a quick goal-kick, obviously too quick for for some. Seeing an open goal Scot Arfield stepped forward to take a shot and sent it over the crossbar.

Unfortunately for the Canadian soccer star he was inside the penalty box when he made contact, even if he found the net the goal wouldn’t have stood. Fortunately, sympathetic ref Nick Walsh opted not to book the veteran midfielder.

Away to Ajax on Wednesday Arfield, Connor Goldson and John Lundstram won’t find the same friendly level of refereeing.

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  • Dando says:

    Let’s be fair, my main worry about yesterday’s game was the referee… however I thought the young guy was excellent (Goldson elbow apart)


  • Tony B says:

    Huns, all huns, know fuck all about football.

    It’s because they’re not brought up to appreciate the game.

    All they’re concerned about is cheating and winning by foul means.

    It killed their old club and the rot has set in to the new one.

  • Pan says:

    A 4-0 thrashing even with them having a highly compromised Sevco-friendly referee.

  • the maister says:

    You’ve just lost your money, strong case. Arse and tit field fools himself again!

  • Sam says:

    It is truly surprising how many people don’t know the rules of the game ,,obviously Joe Hart does as he shouts at the ref “ref,it’s a yellow card and you f##king know it “,,but Scott arfield escapes punishment, again..

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