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Ange Postecoglou highlights Nick Walsh role over VAR penalty decisions

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Ange Postecoglou has slammed the way that VAR is being implemented in Scotland with reference to the decision a fortnight ago not to award Celtic a penalty against Hearts at Tynecastle.

Nick Walsh was the referee at Tynecastle that day, today he was on VAR duty highlighting a handball by Alexandro Bernabei that required a pitchside check of the VAR monitor by David Dickinson.

After more than three minutes of a delay a penalty was awarded, Steven Fletcher converted with Celtic back on level terms after a significant break in play.

In 15 months as Celtic manager Postecoglou has went out of his way to avoid any comment on refereeing decisions but after another episode of VAR drama he had called things out.

The Daily Record reports Postecoglou saying:

I just think the way it looks, apart from if we’re playing Hearts away, it hits your hand in the box it’s a penalty. I don’t even know why they bother with natural, unnatural, Berna wasn’t even looking at the ball, how is he to know his arm is in an unnatural position? It basically means if the ball hits your hand in the box it’s a penalty. If that’s the way they want to define it.

It will change the game, the way people defend, you will literally stop trying to put your body in the line of the ball because any sort of contact is going to be a penalty.

Should Celtic demand that the SFA publish a VAR report explaining key decisions an hour after the final whistle?

No, we have to let teething troubles die down

No, we have to let teething troubles die down

Yes, it will bring clarity, we need explanations

Yes, it will bring clarity, we need explanations

Dundee United looked like taking a point from Celtic when they equalised for the second time in the 87th minute but Celtic stormed back to take the points with Kyogo Furuhashi and Liel Abada scoring in stoppage time.

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  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    “If the ball hits the hand of Celtic player in his own penalty area its a penalty. If a Celtic player goes down with a head knock play continues. An opposition player karate kicks a Celtic player in the midriff its no foul wave play on. Next week a new rule that if Celtic are level or behind on 90 minutes no injury time shall be played. This will ensure that no Timmy come backs will happen unlike today.” Referees instructions for the rest the season or something like it.

  • DexterNI says:

    A leaf should be taken from Rugby league where at all times with the video ref or VAR
    we can hear what the video ref wants to see ,and we can see what he is looking at and hear his decision and why .

  • Paul Doohan says:

    Instead of brushing these decisions under the carpet nick Walsh has to be forced to explain these things. Tyncastle then yesterday at Celtic Park. No wonder fans get so irate refs like Walsh just are not good enough it just seems like bias or cheating it really is THAT bad

  • John mcghee says:

    Surely every fan that watches Scottish football knows fine well now that we have VAR our officials aren’t up to it they’re the worse refs ive ever watched and that was 55 years ago and the cheating still goes on infact its getting worse and they dont hide anymore cause they no nothing will come out of it its us fans that need to do something about the corruption cheating especially what happened over at liebrox in 2012 LIQUIDATION and the 5way agreement to save another club and history but the corrupt sfa.spfl clean there debts of 165million 265 creditors were rob of there shares money thats how bad sfa.spfl are its a disgrace honest.

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