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Audio: ‘Ran out of ideas a wee bit’ then listen as David Martindale stops in mid-sentence as Kyogo scores

Image for Audio: ‘Ran out of ideas a wee bit’ then listen as David Martindale stops in mid-sentence as Kyogo scores

After his side had won at Kilmarnock on Friday night David Martindal enjoyed a day off in the BBC Scotland studio, joining anchor man Kenny Macintyre for Sportsound.

Leeann Crichton was also in the studio with Rory Loy on open-all-mics at Celtic Park as they bounced around the grounds covering the big incidents.

In the studio Macintyre likes to set the agenda, throw out the questions then take a back seat as expert pundits Martindale and Crichton share their expertise and insight into what is going on in the games, how players and managers will react.

VAR decisions and non-decisions have dominated Scottish football over the last three weekends with an early penalty decision against Celtic dominating the early stages of yesterday’s show.

Kenny Macintyre: They’ll have more chances in this game

David Martindale: Ah’m no sure Kenny, looking at this honestly

K Mci: No?

D M: No, ah’m no sure

Leeann Crichton: No, I would agree with Davie, I don’t think you can ever say indefinitely that Celtic won’t get another chance but with the changes they’ve made as the game has gone on they just look as if they are lacking a bit of cutting edge.

DM: Ran out of ideas a wee bit

L C: Going forward, yip (in reply to Martindale). I think, Dundee United, the question will be can they hold on, can they make better decisions because they’ve given away an awful lot of corners in this game as well. Needless corners at times

And I spoke earlier Kenny and I hope that it’s not too soon, VAR had been quiet today, I maybe said that, peeked too soon, there’s always time for it.

DM: It’s been big substitutions


DM: Take that back

RL: A corner comes in, it’s been flicked on and that man Kyogo, Dundee United will be sick of the sight of him after the hat-trick at Tannadice. He glances the header into the bottom corner, Celtic do it again, it’s Celtic 3 Dundee United 2.

DM: That’s what the big players do,

KM: Unbelievable, I mean you just, they won’t get another chance you know…

RL: Disco lights are on

KM: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

There was another goal to come in the match with Liel Abada scoring Celtic’s fourth goal to give the hoops a seven point lead at the end of a highly eventful day for the team at BBC Sportsound.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Why is dishwasher Crichton having a say and opinion on football,the best place for her is in the kitchen.
    The woman is a witch.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Can somebody do an audit of how many of them are employed by the BBC? Sevcoscene is like a ludge most evenings.

  • John mcghee says:

    Well said mate thats were she should washing the dishes and cleaning up not taking about football especially when she knows fine well that her old club got liquidated for cheating using ebt sideletters thats why ranjurs died in 2012 leaving debts of 165million in which they corrupt scum bastards at hampden sfa.spfl wiped there debts but let newco keep oldco history only in bonnie masonic scotland can this happen honest its embarrassing now…CHEATS RATS THE LOT OF THEM.

  • NicoPhinn says:

    I agree the biggest con in Scottish football history to get away with out having to pay the multiple million’s owed and just add the to there name where Celtic have had the Glasgow Celtic football club for ever topical Huns on the spfl board got them away with paying the money owed HH

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