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Too much ego- former striker hits out at Lawwell’s Celtic return

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Charlie Nicholas has savaged the return of Peter Lawwell to the Celtic as chairman.

After 18 months of progress the man who was CEO for 17 years has been given a return ticket to the club where virtually every senior employee was appointed on his watch.

Dom McKay lasted just over two months as Lawwell’s successor before Michael Nicholson took charge on an interim basis with his permanent appointment soon confirmed.

Over the last decade Celtic have become an irrelevance in Europe with Malmo, Maribor, AEK Athens, Cluj, Molde, FC Copenhagen, Ferencvaros and Sparta Prague proving too strong despite much lower budgets.

After a 106 day search Ange Postecoglou inherited a shell of a club from Neil Lennon but the drive, ambition and commitment of the Australian has returned the club to winning ways and put the foundations in place to go forward.

Where Lawwell fits in to the big plan is hard to work out with Nicholas not holding back as he discussed the former CEO in the Daily Express:

I’m sure the majority of the Celtic supporters will not be welcoming him back. It is a negative in my opinion, although everyone will know I haven’t been a Lawwell fan for a long time. He has too much of an ego and it is too much about him.

It seems to me they are trying to get over the burden of messing up with the 10-in-a-row scenario. Now that has all gone and they can get Peter back in because it wasn’t his fault. Well whose fault was it? It seems like it is a camouflage, like it never happened.

Well, if you know your history it was down to him more than Neil Lennon or anybody else who fell asleep at the wheel. It is now as if he is back with a new car. We’ll start the journey again and he will get credit for Celtic winning the league or the treble.

The chairmanship, though, is different from being the chief executive but he is still there, with a voice.

Celtic have yet to release any video interviews explaining the benefits of Lawwell’s return with a start date of January 1.

Two of Lawwell’s star signings of 2020, Albian Ajeti and Vasilis Barkas are currently out on loan and due to return to the club in May.

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  • bertie basset says:

    i have never thought other than he deliberately set out for celtic to fail in the 10 , lennon was not or never a manager of a football team , when we lost the cup to sevco he played the same team that had ragdolled us the week before with same tactics , it was obvious then that he didn’t have a clue , lost the dressing room and backroom staff , the hiring of barkas was laws decision , ajeti also , the 10 was set up to fail , as if celtic did win the 10 the sevies would have abandoned their new club in droves , it was a corporate decision based on a financial structure to retain the sky money !! money !! money !! simples

  • peter cassidy says:

    mckay sussed out what was going on with liewell and his mate desmond both have done well out of the celtic support .thats why i now follow celtic and not support them i have for years always bought shirts etc when in scotland or from the online shop but these 2 have not been good for the club.please dont go on to say they keep us on the stright and narrow with good house keeping but the amount of the terrible transfer business over the last years and not providing backing to some managers was poor so its back to the old system liewell the agents best friend ???? will we never learn and some fans think these 2 are good for the club.

  • TicToc says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with ALL anti-Lawwell sentiment, regardless of its source, as I’ve been calling him out for over a decade regarding his over-paid, self-centred, 6th party to a “5-way agreement”, et al. A total disgrace who has followers who’re as gullible as anything from the Ibrox area of Glasgow.
    Get him TF, before he gets his feet under the carpet again!
    BTW, announced post AGM via his hun pal Jackson in the Daily Rancid and within a coupla weeks of Christmas……all worryingly Desmond/Lawwell tactics.
    Well FUKK ‘EM, both of them.
    If we’re to be proven, as a support, as gullible as the gullibillies…..then do nothing.
    Some of us will fight this tooth and nail.
    PS I’ve already begun a dossier with the intention to ensure this cannot proceed or at least to reverse the sneakily contrived ‘start-date’ to end date.
    A guy on Kerrydale Street forum has been really helpful with the Corporate Governance thing. I’m looking at additional things.
    Together we stand, divided we fall. I think we’re more “together” than DFD and PTL could ever imagine. They think we’re just like ‘them’. WE’RE NOT.
    PPS Celtic supporters UNITED will never be defeated but, in this digital age, we’ve FAR TOO MANY spokesmen: we must create unity on crucial matters.

  • Ian Shilliday says:

    Surprise Donkey Doncaster in back seat.
    That’s him That’s in lawell’s pocket.
    Stinks of NEPOTISM.

  • the maister says:

    It is quite simple to understand why Lawwell is back. It is because Ange has been very successful. So, the club has built up a bit of a reserve of funds. Ange has added value to the brand. Our stock is high and rising. Supporters are all onside. Everything in the garden is rosy! So, Desmond wants his dividend!
    He will call a halt to the progress the team has made and claim his dividend, like buying a failing company and selling off the assets. It is like Boom and Bust, but it is planned for and managed.
    Just like it was after Rodgers, with the appointment of Lennon. The Club went into decline, everything changed. But for the owner, nothing changed. He cashed in on the high value of the stock and we all start again. It is purely about finance!
    It is like America needing a war every three years to cash in on their investments. It is the way of the world and of capitalism. There are no tears shed for the victims!
    We will have had a short spell of success in Europe and everyone will accept it.
    The world turns!

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