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We Are The Have Nots- Beale starts to manage expectations with Celtic confession

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Michael Beale has admitted that Celtic have greater spending power than his Ibrox Tribute Act.

Since being appointed as manager on Monday the former QPR boss has been feeding supporters a constant line of upbeat news to deflect attention away from the SPFL table which shows the Ibrox lot closer to third place than second.

Stunning training sessions and tales about the transformation in certain players is all well and good but reality resumes on December 15 when Hibs visit Ibrox followed quickly by midweek trips to Aberdeen and Ross County.

After the initial burst of good news it seems that there is a slight change in tone from Beale as he reigns in expectations with one telling comment about spending power.

The Ibrox boss told the Daily Record:

I’m watching the World Cup right now and there are teams who are committed, together and beating sides outside their means. So if you put our two squads together? Game on.

In terms of resources, their spending power has been slightly bigger than ours. But it’s game on. We’re not the have’s right now. In that particular battle, we’re the have-nots, slightly. So game on.

Let’s go, but we need everyone fit and together. The small wins for me at the moment will be around: ‘Are the players happy, do they know what they’re doing and are they training well’? If I can’t get those three things right, we’re knackered.

From Let’s go till knackered. From We Are The People to We Are The Have Nots. If the players are knackered or fail to deliver results that will firmly be on Beale no matter how wonderful everything is during the World Cup break.

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  • harold shand says:

    9 points clear but the Record headline is ‘ Beale looking to ramp up the pressure on Celtic ‘

    It’s just getting silly now

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