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Celtic fans rinse Macintyre and English over their ‘message from a referee’

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BBC Scotland were all over a contentious VAR decision in yesterday’s Celtic v Morton match.

Quite clearly a dubious penalty in Celtic’s favour was awarded as a response to Ange Postecoglou’s condemnation of how VAR was being used when he spoke to the media on January 6. ‘Look Celtic get them as well’ move on.

On the day of the Glasgow derby at Ibrox there was virtually no mainstream coverage of the Connor Goldson handball from a Carl Starfelt shot. There certainly wasn’t a message read out on Sportsound from Kenny Macintyre’s imaginary referee friend. Social media forced it onto old media, they couldn’t avoid it regardless of how much BBC Scotland tried.

Macintyre has been trying hard on Sportsound to show what a great all round guy he is, a football fan that raises the topical issues, the fans champion. It is an impossible task, ask Chick Young.

Most folk can see straight through Macintyre’s act, yesterday it just took a penalty for Celtic in pointless circumstances for the real Kenny Mac to emerge, the angry, foaming mouthed keyboard warrior that spends most of his time on favoured Ibrox message boards.

Alongside him was English, as crass as ever, showing the sort of enthusiasm that he last demonstrated when tweeting about Shane Warne. Another BBC employee keen to read out text messages from imaginary friends and contacts. ‘I’ve just had a message’ from someone on message 24/7.

Did Kevin Clancy get it right with Celtic penalty against Morton?

Yes, the VAR and match official know the laws

Yes, the VAR and match official know the laws

No, a joke decision, never ever a penalty

No, a joke decision, never ever a penalty

If they were trying to stoke up a VAR controversy they picked the wrong decision. Celtic fans were almost 100% in agreement that it wasn’t a penalty. They could see the purpose of the award, from Kevin Clancy who was subject to a ‘leaked’ complaint from Ibrox last year.

At Pittodrie he rightly sent off Ryan Kent and awarded Aberdeen a penalty. It is now over a year since a Scottish referee awarded a penalty against the Ibrox side.

Clancy is a horrendous referee, a product of the SFA system, he highlighted that by looking at the Efe Ambrose incident and deciding that it was a penalty to Celtic.

There are far far bigger refereeing issues than yesterday’s laughable penalty at Celtic Park. The sort of issues that Macintyre, English and their imaginary messaging friends won’t go anywhere near.

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  • JTC says:

    Please, please BBC, drop Kenny Macintyre! His faux ‘objectivity’ is so transparent. As for Neil McCann’s ‘positivity’ regarding his former club. It’s hilarious, but tiresome! As a current TV license payer, do I have to listen to their biased opinions and tenuous defence of ‘their’ team?

  • Stevie says:

    Who was the ref?

  • John Copeland says:

    It’s obvious that the producers of Sportsound are of an admiration for a certain Clumpany too ,to give its main presenter and guests Carte Blanche to critique other team’s very strongly while salivating and celebrating their pet project’s weekly displays ! Jeez I nearly forgot to mention ,all using our money to do so … As the rock star said back in 1977 …And it’s amazing !

  • harold shand says:

    It’s a good laugh switching that SportSound on if they get beat

    When they got walloped off Liverpool it was superb listening

  • John S says:

    If a goalbound shot is impeded by an outfield player’s hand, that’s a penalty. Being accidental is irrelevant. Harsh, in this case but strictly correct.

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