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Graham Spiers hits rock bottom with Mike McCurry podcast

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Graham Spiers has hit rock bottom by inviting Mike McCurry onto his patreon podcast to demonstrate what a lovely, misunderstood, decent fella he really is.

As an SFA referee McCurry was a member of the extremist Orange Order, anyone wearing a Celtic shirt or even the colour green when McCurry’s friends are marching through Glasgow city centre will know the level of hatred that the Order cultivates.

Covering the Orangefest In June 2015 the Glasgow Times reported:

The organisation, whose existence is based on the military victory by the Protestant King William Of Orange over forces led by the Catholic King James II more than 300 years ago, announced its day of events in Glasgow last autumn.

It has has been billed as an “opportunity to gain an understanding of the cultural heritage and modus operandi of the Orange Lodge as a whole”, with invitations extended to the Catholic Church, as well as the leaders of other faiths and all politicians in the city.

As well as bands, prayers, a Last Night At The Prom-style concert and speeches, academic and journalist Ruth Dudley Edwards will be speaking, along with former top flight football referee Mike McCurry.

During his refereeing career there were numerous fixtures that raised concern about McCurry’s impartiality, in defence his media buddies replied that he was a Minister, a man of God and beyond questioning.

That defence often led to late night visits to the car park at Hampden.

Spiers likes to position himself as the friendly, nice face of the ‘Rangers’ support, a good sound decent type who just happens to support football clubs which act as a rallying point for those that hate Catholics, chanting and celebrating their intolerance at every match.

In 1998 Spiers accompanied Jim Taynor on a luxury weekend to Jersey to celebrate 10 years of Rangers being under the guidance of Dave Murray.

Presenting McCurry as a good egg that is misunderstood confirms the Spiers agenda that all is whiter than white in Scottish football with the wish that those pesky Celtic fans and internet bampots would pipe down and enjoy the excitement of O** F*** jousts governed by officials from Lanarkshire and Glasgow selected by the untouchables inside Hampden.

McCurry’s biggest refereeing outrage didn’t involve Celtic, in May 2008 he reached levels that Beaton, Walsh and Madden could only dream of as he engineered a defeat for Dundee United at Ibrox that prompted Craig Levein into the most honest post-match interview in the history of Scottish football. McCurry’s career was unaffected.

We’d be as well not turning up today, we couldn’t win today.

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  • Justshatered says:

    Perhaps next week he could get Stewart Regan to discuss the Five Way Agreement and ask serious questions about the collapse of RFC, the dishonest awarding of a UEFA Licence to RFC, the attempted manipulation and bullying of clubs to parachute a new club into the Premier league, or even the pre determined outcome of the Nimmo Smith enquiry into a decade of illegally registered players.
    Oh and finally ask why the guy that allowed those illegal registrations, and who was also involved in the Jorge Cadette registration scandal, remained in post.

    Come on Graham if you really want to ask the tough question on you go.

  • harold shand says:

    Aye , good old Graham the bastion of impartiality in Scottish Football

  • Bragging Billy says:

    I hope he’s a good after-dinner speaker, because he was about as good as an accountant as he was as a fitba’ referee, a minister and a husband…

    I think Spiers needs to have a re-think about his guest policy.


    Editor: Spiers knew exactly what he was doing with his guest Rev McCurry.

  • Tam says:

    I agree with every single point made on this thread… I’ll add another Mr Speirs wants back to Scotland this is just the start of him laying the ground work for the journey back up the motorway

  • Bob (original) says:

    Never understood why Spiers was seemingly regarded as the ‘best of the bunch’ of SMSM football ‘journalists’ in the past.

    Admittedly, the bar was low – if not on the ground!

    In my humble opinion, when it comes to football related matters, Spiers has always come across as better spoken, a better writer – but still not significantly any better than the likes of English or even Jackson in the quality of his coverage.

    He always tried to play the ‘reasonable’, open minded writer – yet was noticebaly posted missing in 2011/12 along with the other weak, obedient scribblers.

    …but this podcast has probably achieved good clickbait numbers for Spiers.

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