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Three or four more- Beale blabbing away on his transfer wish list

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Michael Beale went round in circles discussing the transfer window during today’s media conference.

The novelty of being the centre of media attention shows no sign of wearing off on the former Liverpool youth coach who spent 20 minutes today fielding questions from the broadcast media.

Three weeks ago Beale revealed that he had been staring into the eyes of prospective signings just to be doubly sure that they will fit into his exciting plans.

Last Friday, with no signings completed, Beale revealed that he had done his bit, leaving transfer guru Ross Wilson to bring in the free or four players he was looking for.

With one signing completed over the course of 27 days it will require a massive effort to get more than one more deal finalised in the remainder of the window with Beale completely in the dark about about the state of negotiations.

Nicolas Raskin and Morgan Whittaker have been discussed in depth by Beale but whether they arrive next week is out of the manager’s hands

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There’s a lot of players, the summer window is a much better window for us as a football club, for every football club I fink.

The winter window, if you are in the market for players it seems like everyone knows that you are so obviously it makes people be a little bit stubborn .

Wifout speaking about those two players (Raskin and Whittaker) there are free or four more that we’re speaking to it’s like if the deal is right now if they are going to get done, if the deal is not right now we will move to the summer , wif the contract situation it does open up spaces in the squad.

That sounds like there will be no contract offer for some of the seven first team players who will be out of contract in May, allowing other out of contract signings to be made.

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  • Stevie says:

    Starting tae sound like the Roy Hattersley spitting image puppet.
    Fckn slabbering twat.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    A Fink Al just wait tae the Summer coz wur skint a Fink but am really excited tae look intae the eyes of potential Ranjerks players tae see whit they’re Finking!! Thicker than the Caravan James Bond!!

  • John Copeland says:

    3 or 4 more ! Aye ,that’ll be the lowball , embarrassing attempts at enticing players to join the Beale revulsion ,sorry , revolution ….Jeez ,Darvel have a better rep than that lot !

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