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Watch the Collum and Walsh red card call at Ibrox

Image for Watch the Collum and Walsh red card call at Ibrox

Willie Collum and Nick Walsh ensured that the expected result was delivered at Ibrox with a first half red card for Nicky Clark wiping out any prospect of St Johnstone taking something from the match.

Just inside his own half and falling back the Saints striker stretched going in for a routine challenge as Ryan Jack raced in.

Walsh called for a VAR check, Collum jumped at the opportunity to bring out his red card and Callum Davidson’s side were down to 10 men.

A minute later Jack went through on Adam Montgomery’s ankle and was booked, Collum was asked to review it on the pitchside monitor and refused to change his decision.

Collum is the favourite to take charge of next month’s Viaplay Cup Final, if he doesn’t get it it will then be a choice between Walsh or John Beaton.

In 23 SPFL matches no penalties have been awarded the Ibrox Tribute Act.

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  • the maister says:

    It’s puerile and utter drivel. But, hey that’s what gets some going!

  • the maister says:

    That’s your precedent there at Ipox today. No sevco players will be sent off and no penalties will be given against them.
    Also, visiting players will certainly be sent off and they will certainly get penalties against them.
    That is certainly an established pattern now and you will find it very difficult to change it.
    And all it took for it to come about was for our Board to remain silent!

  • Seppington says:

    Never a yellow card, let alone a red. He’s going for the ball gets it but falls over in the process and his momentum takes him into the scum hun. Typically pathetic weak capitulation to the horde by Collum. This should be getting looked at by UEFA, it’s obvious bias/cheating…

  • Michael Conway says:

    All of Britain & the world now see what corrupt officials we have in Scotland,couple of weeks ago goldston did an exact same hand ball as the St johnstone player in his box but no penalty was given against him

  • Pan says:

    Collum definitely seems to be one of the worst types of official. He has a mixture of various negative traits, incompetence, dupliciity, cowardly behaviour and egocentricity.

    He lacks personality and cannot engage meaningfully with players, His relationships with players, and previously with pupils and colleagues in the school he taught in, seem to have been disastrous. It may be that is one of the reasons why he is no longer in teaching. This man seems to be an absolute failure as a role model.

    His ego prevents him from listening to advice, which is why he will never improve. He will always be on a downward spiral. I believe that he is not capable of reflection, only of deflection. The man who never smiles has a dark interior. He is not fit for the job in my opinion.

  • Kevin lee says:

    Once the title is mathematically won and decisions by referres blatantly still cheating Celtic should stage a protest by walking of the pitch at the start of a second half this would attract news reports from all over the world about match fixing and clear bias by scottish referee’s and the sfa.

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