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Gerrard is forgiven for walking out on Gullible Ibrox fans

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A couple of weeks after sharing his love for all things Ibrox with Emma Dodds live on BT Sport Steven Gerrard left the Gullible & Deluded for the joys of Aston Villa.

Out of nowhere cardboard cut-outs of Mister Gerrard were cluttering up the bins and dumps of Larkhall, Bridgeton, Bearsden and Kilwinning. Last month’s idol had done the durty on them, one set of nut-jobs even carried out a funeral service for their former manager, filmed it and shared it with their staunch followers on social media.

Gerrard was followed by the gormless David McCallum who achieved a 100% record before Giovanni van Bronckhorst arrived to whisper sweet nothings to the broken hearted bears and provide them with a new icon to stoap Selik.

That affair was short lived, Mister van Bronckhorst was chased out in less than a year, now Gerrard has inflicted the ultimate sanction on the Ibrox support wif the talkative Micky Beale telling them what he finks about everyfing in football because he knows everyfing.

Gerrard delivered one trophy in nine, the club has won one in four since he left but scoring a penalty against some 40-something former Celtic players has redeemed his hero status in the eyes of the Gullible & Deluded.

As someone put it- Gerrard never experienced success in front of Celtic fans as a manager, yesterday was his consolation as he watches manager after manager walk into jobs while he confirms his reputation as the dullest pundit in English TV.

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