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‘Absolutely a joke’ ‘Like a pantomime’ ‘Place is upside doon’ Desperate bear opens up on Rangers Radio

Image for ‘Absolutely a joke’ ‘Like a pantomime’ ‘Place is upside doon’  Desperate bear opens up on Rangers Radio

Watching Angeball u-20s celebrate winning a trophy at Ibrox tonight proved to be too much for loyal bears.

After a season of spankings at first team level they have watched in despair over the last week as Celtic added the SFA Youth Cup and Glasgow Cup to the trophy haul.

In tonight’s Glasgow Cup Final at Ibrox Celtic were 3-0 up after 36 minutes as Rocco Vata, Ben Summers and Adam Brooks treated the match like an exercise in creative play and finishing.

Celtic’s need to pass the ball out of defence proved to be their undoing with the home fans delighted by an 87th minute equaliser to take the match into a penalty shoot out.

FOUR penalty saves from Josh Clarke provided that old sinking feeling for one fan to Rangers Radio, by the sound of it he’ll struggle to find the Battle Fever for Saturday’s visit of the Champions to Ibrox.

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  • John S says:

    I’ve never understood the NEED to play out from defence, it’s an option.

    • BriBhoy says:

      I agree. Need to mix it up and vary it a bit, otherwise it becomes too predictable, you get pressed and people end up playing risky passes that see you lose possession in dangerous areas and concede stupid goals. It can slow down counter attacks too.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    Allan Loveman

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