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Bisgrove reveals his cunning plan to raise the capacity of Ibrox

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James Bisgrove has explained to Kris Boyd about the exiting plans to increase the capacity of Ibrox, in the world of the in-coming CEO every plan is exciting.

No engineering questions were posed by the former Portland Timbers ace who sat nodding his way through the interview. Boyd was reading scripted questions from a tablet.

For 25 years Celtic Park has had a 10,000 capacity advantage over Ibrox, after being laughed at for setting such a high capacity that additional income has delivered a built in advantage year on year. The record books suggest that it has been a sound investment.

With three sides of Ibrox rebuilt in the 1980s supporters have been searching for ways to increase capacity to be on a par with Celtic. Bisgrove knows how to send out the messages o make the bears feel good about the exciting future.

Adding extra tiers to the existing stands seems to be a non-runner, going down any lower would run into the water table which means that the only option left is to remove the side screens either side of the Govan/Sandy Jardine Stand to add possibly an extra 900 seats in behind each corner.

The capacity will still be well short of Celtic Park but Bisgrove has exciting plans to add Wi-Fi which should bring in exciting new digital partnerships.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Todd Cantilevers is that another new signing.All huff and bluff.
    It was only last month they had been scratching their arse with 2 confetti share options inside a month,now they have all these fancy plans.

  • J.P.Docherty says:

    The major point in this puff piece is how Sky can in any way justify employing Boyd, a man of limited intellect who cannot even strategise a line of questioning which would illuminate anybody who would be interested in clarifying the strategy behind Rangers plans for the next 4 to 5 years. I’m not sure there is much truth in the rumour that his allocation of suede brogues that he wore when being stuck to the bench during Glasgow derbies at Celtic Park were of the slip-on version.

  • Duncan says:

    Celtic can add at least 15k onto the Capacity by developing the Main Stand and matching the two corners.
    No matter what they do Celtic Park has the potential to usurp it by quite a long way in terms of Capacity.
    The bigger question is can they actually afford it or is it as I suspect a wee bit of shmoke and mirrors designed to put up a pretence that all is well at the Club who haven’t turned a single penny in profit in over a decade but rather has haemorrhaged well over 100 million braddish pouyunds.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    New, Improved Wi-Fi!!!

    So the outstanding bill for wi-fi has been paid then.

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