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Enough of this garbage- Tom English loses it over the Craig Whyte claims

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After his Twitter troubles last week Tom English has been unable to fight his addiction to the social media platform.

Late on Sunday night he selected one claim from Rangers Tax Case to reply to, overlooking a number of other allegations.

Trying to move on from his over the top attacks on Brendan Rodgers, on the BBC Scotland website and while picking up a fee for appearing on the commercial Off The Ball podcast from Ireland, English showed his caring side at lunchtime by expressing sympathy for New Zealand rugby referee Ben O’Keeffe, the victim of online abuse.

What he really intended was to express sympathy for himself. While there has been some inaccurate claims about the Chief Sports Writer of BBC Scotland there has been some detailed points made that seem to get under his skin.

His attitude to Celtic and Rodgers shone through during the Off The Ball podcast. Using BBC Scotland equipment to promote Gillette he couldn’t hide his contempt, claiming, among things that the new Celtic boss would be livid at Ange Postecoglou beating him to the Spurs job.

Back in 2011 English, mainly working for The Scotsman, was one of the main cheerleaders for Craig Whyte, standing by the former billionaire even after he had been ditched by the Daily Record.

The elusive Charlotte Fakes Twitter accounts seemed to get hold of a lot of documentation from that time, including emails from Ian McKerron, Whyte’s official PR representative. English is mentioned prominently, using his newspaper and BBC Scotland appearances to back the last owner of Rangers.

Like Whyte, English has managed to get much of his Scotsman articles from 2011 deleted by Google, paper copies still survive in a few places.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Fi – Fo – Fi – Fum… I smell the blood of Tom Englishman…

    And be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread !

    (An old childhood nursery rhyme that just sprung from ma memory bank on reading the above article) !!!

  • Justshatered says:

    He seems to be getting quite agitated / angry about this as if he’s taking it personally, yet strangely he doesn’t mind getting personal in his own writing.

  • Scud Missile says:

    BRILLIANT mad English biting like a piranha fish to all comments on twitter calling him out.
    You would think a man of his intelligence (no laughing at the back) should know better,but he won’t as he will continue to bite.

  • Redmond says:

    Aye, aye Uncle Tom… online abuse is terrible… yaddayadda… except when you can get a job at the BBC, write any old abusive nonsense and hide behind a journalistic license! Total clown shoe of a man

  • Heed the breed says:

    Yes it’s “UNCLE TOM THE TOUT”
    Banned from his country cause everyone knows he’s smoke and mirrors denier of truth son of sevco panty wetter pish swallyoer user of sevco shite toothpaste and intae Charlie Adams sisters pants.
    Tyrannical loser waster of a spine and common sense and no chromosomes is Uncle Tom.

  • John Copeland says:

    All the honest ,decent ,talented , journalists out there who are unemployed , must be saying to themselves , “what have I got to do to get a job ” when they read anything by English , Berry , Jackson ,Jack , MacFarlane and typists of such sub standard work ?

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