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Some big news coming out of Celtic very shortly… desperate Record teases

Image for Some big news coming out of Celtic very shortly… desperate Record teases

The desperation of the Daily Record hit new lows last night as their Twitter account promised big news for Celtic fans.

Ten hours later there is no sight of the Record’s big exclusive despite a mini spike to pageviews and another plunge in credibility.

While Keith Jackson has the ear of a certain club Chairman the rest of the Record’s sports coverage is simply a case of trawling the internet and selecting a story every hour to keep their ANGE LEAVES FOR SPURS LIVE! Blog ticking over.

The comments of Spurs related pundits is becoming less topical as the focus switches to who replaces Postecoglou at Celtic.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Is that bog roll of a newspaper not out of circulation yet.


      Please don’t call it a newspaper.
      That’s an insult to credible publications and genuine reporters.
      The Daily Sevco gave up any claim to be a newspaper when it sold its soul
      in 2012 as it fell into line with the ‘ Lie / Myth’.out of the DebtDome.
      It’s now paying the price for falling into bed with successive regimes at ibrox
      and it’s anti Independence stand.
      It’s ever decreasing circulation figures are swirling around the sewer pipe leading to oblivion.
      It’s just a matter of time before they drown.
      Hell mend them.

  • harold shand says:

    He’s off

    They got what they were praying for

    Now next on their wish list is for Kyogo to bolt

  • John Copeland says:

    In the 2 years of Ange’s triumphant tenure as Celtic ‘s incredibly successful head coach , not one scoop from every conceivable media platform could lay a glove on him during his pressers ! So intellectually superior to each and every one of them , each time was a masterclass in the education department . They all tried their lame , snide , loaded questioning and every single time Ange swatted them away without coming out of second gear ! That’s another thing to be grateful for from Ange’s brilliant time as boss . He exposed to the rest of the planet how incompetent , inept and embarrassingly bad our sports reporting is in wee Scotland …. Thankyou sir , you will be missed !

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