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Up there with Messi and Mbappe- Daily Record goes overboard with Beale’s loan star

Image for Up there with Messi and Mbappe- Daily Record goes overboard with Beale’s loan star

Ibrox signing target Abdallah Sima compares favourably to Lionel Messi and Kyllian Mbappe according to Neil Murray.

Ally McCoist’s former Recruitment Supremo has been sharing his stats based views with Daily Record readers to try and apply some gloss to a loan deal for a striker with a lower goal rate than Sam Lammers.

Reassuring their elderly readership that Micky Beale is chasing high quality players is at the centre of everything that the Record publishes as fears grow that the Micky Beale Revolution has ground to a halt.

After snapping up three free agents a fee of £3.5m was agreed on June 15 with Atalanta to bring Lammers to Ibrox with no new signings since then.

With pre-season training starting on Friday it will be a case of same old, same old as Beale lays out the cones and bibs.

Going overboard on the former Stoke City loan signing, Neil Murray tells the Record:

Successful dribbles in the attacking areas of the pitch, Simba is second in the entire Ligue 1. The only one who is above him on that front is Terem Moffi of Lorient.

You can take that one step further and look at successful dribbles in the final third, he is in the top five. Kyllian Mbappe and Lionel Messi were first and second while Sima was third.

Successful dribbles, in terms of all over the pitch, he is third. So it is clear that although he plays as a striker his main strength is dribbling with the ball. He likes to run at pace with the ball and so he would probably offer something a bit different to what this current Rangers squad has.

Simba scored five times last season as Angers were relegated and has yet to play a single minute for Brighton since his 2021 transfer from Slavia Prague.

After two Championship appearances for Stoke City in season 21/22 he returned to Brighton injured.

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  • Robert Jenkins says:

    And if you look at World Cup wins he is amongst 99.99% of the planet and only 1 behind Messi, MBappe and Diego Maradona.

  • Seppington says:

    He can dribble (just like the hun fool saying this pish is) but that doesn’t matter if he can’t shoot atraight!

    Mair fantasy nonsense to keep the huns from realising their club has been lying to them about the real state of it’s finances …

  • Seppington says:

    Also, for any lurking huns….a Catholic problem?


    Wee Lizzy Knew.

    See how you like it ya twisted bastards…

  • Captain Swing says:

    The Daily Record does more spinning than a Zanussi! I’ve lost count of the number of absolute duds they have bummed up as worldbeaters over the years, provided they are ‘jetting in’ to iBrox, of course….

  • Tony B says:

    Messi and Mbabbe? That’ll be Wullie Messi and Sammy Mbappe fae Greenock.

    Do these stupid dumbass huns not realise the pish is being ripped right oot them.

    Keep buying the Rekurd and they’ll keep yeese happy with feel good fairy tales that only morons and imbeciles would believe.

    Psst. Want tae buy some magic beans?

    I’ve got a limitless supply.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Dribbling this – Dribbling that – Dribbling diarrhoea – Dribbling Pish – Dribbling Pish induced vomit – As per usual from the usual suspects !

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Sevco Same Kkklub since 2012

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