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Bisgrove hands over ‘travel rights’ as compensation for pulling out of Sydney Super Cup

Image for Bisgrove hands over ‘travel rights’ as compensation for pulling out of Sydney Super Cup

The Ibrox Tribute Act has handed over their ‘global travel rights’ to TEG as compensation for pulling out of the Sydney Super Cup clash against Celtic.

Last March James Bisgrove explained why playing Celtic in Australia would open up exciting new markets to reach out to his club’s global fanbase.

A backlash prompted by social media saw the Tribute Act pull out, get sued for breach of contract by organisers TEG who have sprung up this morning as ‘global travel partners’.

Rather than go to training camps in Germany for pre-season work Micky Beale’s side will be told where they are going.

With their very limited appeal outside of Scotland and a corner of Ireland a couple of low key friendlies in Australia during January break are on the cards as part of their new partnership.

Bisgrove told the club website:

We’re delighted to team up with TEG and form this innovative commercial partnership that propels our international strategy into a new dimension.

The collaboration will enable the Rangers’ first team to tour international markets, such as North America, Far East Asia and the Middle East, in the years ahead.

Rangers Football Club is incredibly fortunate to have the most passionate and diverse supporter base in world football, and we are excited to bring our men’s first team to key international markets with the strong support of TEG as our partner.

Stuart Munro, not Derek Johnstone, first picture top left

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol is there any space left on merchandise shirt supplied by Castoff for the TEG logo to go on it.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Bisgrove should give politics a go as he apoears to turn all those negatives into positive spins at ibrox.
    He would give big DONALD and Boris are run for their money with his LIES and FAKE NEWS stories.

  • Bob (original) says:

    You’d think that TEG would insist on some cash compensation as well?

    Otherwise, why would you enter into a contract with sevco,

    if they had stiffed you on the previous contract?

    Also, TEG is owned by SIlver Lake – a US private equity group – so whatever

    deal was agreed, you can be sure that sevco has been ‘royally’ screwed!


  • the maister says:

    Eh, they don’t have “Orange Parades” in Sydney! So sevco is of little appeal outside of Glasgow/Belfast!

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