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Ibrox Number 2 reveals that Beale reads the toxic fan forums

Image for Ibrox Number 2 reveals that Beale reads the toxic fan forums

Neil Banfield is sure that his boss Micky Beale is reading the reaction to him on fan forums.

After losing to Celtic on the back of a Champions League hammering from PSV Eindhoven Beale’s approval rating fell through the floor.

Initially 90% of fans in on one popular form wanted to see him sacked on the spot, since the double defeats the stance of most fans on social media has hardened.

Football is apparently a results driven business but Sunday’s win over Motherwell was greeted by more booing and abuse as the home side scrambled their way to victory.

Beale shamelessly used social media to appeal to Ibrox fans before his fateful visit to the Louden Tavern to promote himself as Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s successor.

The social media interaction has halted as the mood turns toxic, yesterday Beale ducked out of taking a media conference with Banfield sent out to reel out the excuses.

Speaking to the Daily Record the Ibrox Number 2 said:

He’s a young manager in terms of games but he has been involved in football a long, long time and has been in this situation before. He’s strong for it and is so driven to be successful for Rangers.

I don’t listen to or read the forums but I’m sure Michael does. He is well aware it’s part of being Rangers manager – it comes with the territory but he’s got his vision for Rangers.

Ten months into Beale’s vision fans clearly aren’t impressed. The booing after a 1-0 home win over Motherwell should be a warning to Banfield and others that the close season hype brings with it high expectations.

The much hyped Revolution wasn’t expected to include Ben Davies, Scott Wright and Rabbi Matondo but it seems that Beale has quickly decided to ditch the bulk of his summer signings.

As well as claiming a victory over PSV Eindhoven Banfield set completely the wrong tone in yesterday’s media conference as he claimed progress was being made with the team heading in the right direction.

After ducking out of media duties yesterday Beale has to front up tonight against Livingston, if there isn’t a goal in the first 20 minutes the anger from the forums will turn into real life with fans in the stadium making it known that they have no confidence in their smooth talking manager.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Just as well Banfield doesn’t read their forums then – He might find they want him Banned from their field !

  • Bob (original) says:

    A wee/tiny bit of sympathy for this guy Banfield, who I’ve never heard of before.

    Beale ducks out of a potentially difficult presser,

    and puts forward the ill-prepared Banfield – who makes things worse?

    Another poor judgement call by the rookie boss,

    who remains just one more bad result away from scarves on the pitch,

    and a furious demonstration outside Ibrox. 🙂

  • Terence Nova says:

    Livvi are the worst team I’ve seen so far…Really poor imo…
    .Sevco should progress….Hope not of course.

  • bertie basset says:

    banfield is the modern day Mr Magoo !!! lol

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