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Best signing this summer, not even joking- Ibrox influencer gets it cruelly wrong

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While Micky Beale’s players take abuse from all angles there was another significant arrival at Ibrox during the summer.

Someone that Heart & Hand reckoned would be the most significant of them all- Dr Mark Waller was back at the club after a season away at Leicester.

His mystical powers even managed to keep the evils of C*vid away from Ibrox during the 2020/21 season while every other club in Scotland was impacted with players forced to self-isolate and miss vital matches.

Waller first got into football in 1993 when he started working with Liverpool, when Steven Gerrard took charge at Ibrox the Doc was among the job lot that he brought in from Anfield.

At Ibrox recently there has been a number of cases of players initially ruled out for a game or two that rapidly develops into a month, or more.

Todd Cantwell and Nico Raskin fall into that category, both are magically expected back after the October winter break although detail on Danilo is a little sketchier after his cheekbone injury against St Johnstone.

In the last week there has been a couple of unusual injuries reported from Ibrox.

After a year out of action Tom Lawrence started away to St Johnstone and kept his place for the game against Real Betis. Just past the hour mark he went down in the centre circle, afterwards Beale explained that he came off as a precaution, possibly due to cramp.

On Sunday Beale admitted that when Lawrence woke up on Friday morning he couldn’t walk and had to go to hospital.

Against Motherwell Rabbi Matondo came off for treatment, returned to play on for five minutes before being replaced by John Souttar before half-time. After the game Beale was preparing for bad news saying that it looked like a bad one for the Welshman.


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  • Bob (original) says:

    Jeezo – for a footballer / athlete to wake up and not be able to walk must be terrifying?

    Hope Lawrence recovers well.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Nobody wants to see injuries but with the free reign for thuggery allowed in Scotland they will always be there for sure…

    Most clubs are honest about how long their players are injured for – one apart – Sevco of course, surprise,surprise –

    Just what is it about that strange strange club with a substantial (but not every single one) weird support that can never face the truth and constantly need to be soothed with comforting lies !

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