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He doesn’t sign the players- Herald reporter jumps to the defence of Lawwell

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Graeme McGarry of the Herald/Glasgow Times/ Celtic Way has claimed that Peter Lawwell has no role in signing players for Celtic!

McGarry seems to have been privately briefed about the issue, rather than follow up with some questions he has simply repeated the claim across the Newsquest titles edited by Jonny McFarlane.

Back in his Daily Record days McFarlane became famous when he explained why Barrie McKay was superior to Kieran Tierney.

Back in December while he was on holiday in Portugal Celtic fans chanted their dislike of the club Chairman.

After another disastrous Transfer Window masterminded by his son four more points have been dropped with the chants ringing around Celtic Park following Saturday’s home draw with Kilmarnock.

Striking back for Lawwell in The Celtic Way, McGarry claims:

Privately, Celtic are somewhat bemused by the vitriol being aimed at chairman and former chief executive Peter Lawwell over that, given he now has no part to play in the signing of players. Well, apart from his son being the head of recruitment.

What agency that gives him in that area, only they know, but the perception of that dynasty has already led to the fans making up their minds on who is to blame.

Privately, Celtic fans are somewhat bemused at this sort of ‘opinion’. Credibility is everything these days, far more important than getting an exclusive over Celtic lining up a summer swoop for a highly rated 22-year-old winger from Finland in a £3m deal.

I suppose apart from recruiting and grooming Michael Nicholson to be his successor Lawwell has little influence at the club other than the appointment of the current CEO (after Dom McKay’s was brought in to pretend that change was happening) and being directly responsible for recruiting every head of department since October 2003.

Perhaps if Lawwell has so little influence on the club McGarry could explain what his role is, the recruitment process that selected him and why he was a better fit than any other candidate. Any look at season 20/21 would surely make him the last candidate for the job.

Rumours of Lawwell’s appointment as Chairman first surfaced in October 2021, four months after he stepped down as CEO and 13 months before the announcement that he was returning as Chairman.

In July 2022 Mark was appointed Head of Recruitment from his role as Information and Content Manager of the City Football Group website, his job prior to joining the CFG is unknown.

Who is mainly to blame for Celtic's disastrous season?

Chairman- The decline started with his appointment

Chairman- The decline started with his appointment

Manager- Not the same guy, weak and more powerless

Manager- Not the same guy, weak and more powerless

Recruitment- you can't get over four disastrous transfer windows

Recruitment- you can't get over four disastrous transfer windows
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  • MartinKennea says:

    Mcgarry : fxck off.

  • Terence Nova says:

    The real culprit at our Club is Mr.Desmond…He decides everything of importance …including all senior appointments….The saddest thing,however,is his lack of genuine interest and feelings for the Club…We are a talking point for him at slap up dinners..no more..no less…and so I hope and pray that someone who does love our Club makes him an offer he can’t refuse…and that enables him to go…He is a millstone.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Aye, very good.

    PL is the Puppet Master hiding behind his NED title,

    …and DD is the remote, Puppet Master’s Puppet Master.

    At a time of significant confusion, disappointment and anger

    amongst your paying customers, a plc would typically have

    either the CEO or Chairman face the media, if only to make

    some soothing comments and assure everyone that any and

    all issues are being currently addressed and resolved.

    At our club we just get ‘trivial observations’ – leaked via the SMSM?!

    Where the hell is Nicholson?


    • Terence Nova says:

      Bob…Nicholson has been trying to get Dermot Desmond to ask him what he’s allowed to say…
      Reception is bad on the golf course I understand.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Daddy Lawwell – He might not have personally signed the players so fair enough if he’s bemused…

    But he put Sonny Lawwell in to spunk all the millions on utter pish so he actually is VERY CULPABLE indeed –

    Along with Rodgers and Lord Lucan-Nicholson as well !

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