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The Davie Moyes rumours

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With Celtic’s season close to falling apart speculation is turning to the role of the manager and the future of Brendan Rodgers.

While the Irishman has undoubtedly had a poor season reflected in results and difficult to watch performances there is no doubt that the root cause of the problem lies in the boardroom.

Since the moment that Peter Lawwell was confirmed as Chairman, joining his so Mark the Head of Recruitment, the club has been on a downward spiral as the former CEO re-established his grip on every area of the club.

After 18 month lurking in the shadows as the stamp of Ange Postecoglou was put on the pitch and in recruitment the familiar traits of cost cutting and aiming to be one step ahead of a 2012 Tribute Act has been established with the club holding back on the 31 December Interim Accounts which are expected to show a bank balance of around £100m.

Rather than moving the dial on signings to bring in selected players in the £6-8m range Lawwell has sanctioned even more under £3m, under 24 year old recruits with a disastrous effect on the park.

Rodgers appears to have switched off, that message has been transmitted to the players with supporters left howling as the SPFL title is gift wrapped across the city.

It would be a very brave or foolish fan that would place money on Rodgers being in charge next season. The main question is whether he resigns or is sacked.

Moyes has been linked with Celtic for the best part of 20 years with the main part of his career bringing stability to Everton after the disastrous reign of Walter Smith sent them tumbling towards relegation.

Now in his second stint in charge of West Ham his contract runs out in the summer. Last June he could have written his own contract for life after winning the Europe Conference League, West Ham’s first trophy in 43 years but into his fifth season at the London Stadium fans are getting restless and bored.

Interesting for Celtic and appealing to Lawwell reports at the turn of the year of a new contract poised to be signed have still to be completed and announced.

Pendy12 on Kerrydale Street has a long track record of being close to the news from inside Celtic, whether there is genuine moves being made to sound out Moyes or just rumours to undermine Rodgers the message is getting sent out.

Any new manager would be backed significantly in his first two transfer windows to give the impression of change before normality resumes with the £3m cap and obsession with projects that will hopefully be sold to Southampton.

Rodgers appears to have duped into returning to a new look, modernised Celtic but his contract is likely to be watertight.

If he is sacked full payment on his deal which runs through until June 2026 will be expected in full with the Celtic Chairman no doubt keen to get the Non Disclosure Agreement signed off.

Should Lawwell ever be removed another expensive NDA will be required.

CLICK HERE for Moyes’ managerial profile.

Who is mainly to blame for Celtic's disastrous season?

Chairman- The decline started with his appointment

Chairman- The decline started with his appointment

Manager- Not the same guy, weak and more powerless

Manager- Not the same guy, weak and more powerless

Recruitment- you can't get over four disastrous transfer windows

Recruitment- you can't get over four disastrous transfer windows
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  • Celticanne says:

    The LAWWELL situation at the club stinks with allowing back was and is a mistake that DD made this man who made his millions from Celtic left great the fans were happy in this change within the boardroom, Ange comes in and the change in transfers happened we had players in at the start of training GREAT we were saying we win in the 2 years he was here ,than the change again…

    LAWWELL is back no the fans are saying another change in transfers Ange leaves us why because the backing from the board changes LAWWELL is back he thinks he is knows better than managers of picking up players but only on the cheap that does not wash with the fans at the end of the day he is only a accountant well paid one but still accountant.

    Well the big boss DD is out there trying to get Mr RoDgers back he says no thank you but again he talks Mr RoDgers back on the understanding that he is the boss of control of buying players ect not like last time were lawwell was pulling all the strings within the club Mr Rogers was in control but it never even lasted in the first transfer window we got in 9 players on the cheap no goalie no left back no holding midfielder no striker just young guys who are trying but they are not up to Celtic standards.

    And now we’re second in the League To a team who are crap why because of Lawwell senior and Lawwell junior who would not know a good player if he kicked a ball in face he hear junior is leaving Great news senior should be following him out the door but he will not move so between the 2 lawwells and of course DD the owner are to blame for this mess that we are in.

    Mr Rogers is in a small way why because he is not coming out and letting us the fans what is going on in there and DD SHOULD HOLD HIS HEAD IN SHAME FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN WE HAD A CHANGE THIS YEAR TO BURY the Gers by getting this new total of champions league cash year £60 million I hope we can win this league this season but changes must be made get rid of the bad blood that is in the club both lawwells out .

    • JC says:

      So what are you saying.

    • TicToc says:

      A potentially good comment made partially impotent by a lack of cognitive punctuation.

      Please don’t ‘chuck it’, unlike some on here (Stevie & Co) you DO have something worthwhile to say.
      Please take the time to make your comments more ‘readable’.

  • TicToc says:

    PTL, G74 5AW, therein lies the problem!
    Whilst some of you will be ‘up-in-arms’ about this comment, what have you ever done to solve this problem?

  • john clarke says:

    Brendan Rodgers is an exceptionally good EPL level Manager.
    When he won the FA Cup and had a long run of wins with Leicester,
    Brendan was ranked number 10, in the list of top 10 World Football
    Managers. We know how the team is playing, but Fans don’t know why?
    The experienced players under Brendan’s leadership, will turn prospects around.
    I am certain of that. The way Celtic played against Killie seemed to prove what
    Cal said. He highlighted playing as a team not individuals. It is hard to play as a cohesive team when your mind is full of clutter. Brendan will do his Penance and rescue the Team from the ignominy of a Sevco Premiership.. I want Brendan to fullfill
    his 3 years contract. All the best Celtic.

  • Terence Nova says:

    Didn’t his wife say that Glasgow was a no-no ??

  • Bob (original) says:

    Even if we win the Double, wouldn’t be surprised if BR walks season end.

    He is still relatively young for a manager and if HE is still ambitious,

    then he must leave the club,

    because our Board has signalled to the support this season – again –

    that any club ambitions are stubbornly restricted to domestic trophies.

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