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‘It’s blatant’ ‘officials are trying their best’ ‘He does him twice’ Fans react to Muir’s Pattern of Assistance

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One issue dominated the thoughts of Celtic fans after they watched their side win 3-0 at Livingston.

Reo Hatate’s return was highly encouraging, Nicholas Kuhn made it three top performances on the bounce and Cameron Carter-Vickers came through 90 demanding minutes on plastic without any problem.

None of those factors attracted the attention of the decision not to award Celtic a first half penalty when Kyogo Furuhashi was wiped out in the penalty box.

Mikey Devlin came in from behind, kicked at the striker’s heel then followed through with a knee into the back of Kyogo’s leg.

Brendan Rodgers was watching from the stand following his comments in Don Robertson’s previous match, in Scottish football anything goes unless you call someone incompetent.

His thoughts on today’s incident will remain private.

Robertson watched the contact clearly and took no action, he as previous for that in Celtic matches.

Focus switched to Alan Muir on VAR, everyone was aware of the incredibly soft penalty awarded at Ibrox yesterday.

Celtic have a grim record with penalties but after a review that took less than one minute Muir messaged to play on, no penalty.

Fortunately Celtic scored three times after the break to secure the win despite that first half decision.

Away to Hearts or at Ibrox next Sunday Celtic’s superiority isn’t enough to see them through, football matches are often decided on small margins, even more so with the extra set of eyes provided by VAR.

On Tuesday morning the SFA will announce the match officials for the Glasgow Derby, the name of the VAR will be examined as closely as the man in the middle.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Got a horrible feeling that the title could be decided in the final or

    the penultimate game of the season,

    and we could lose the title in a game decided by a similar ‘non-penalty’ award for us,

    or by a ridiculous penalty awarded against us?

    ‘Maybe’ at that point, CEO Nicholson might have something to say?

    If BR wins the title, it’ll be despite our amateurish, spineless, mute Board. 🙁

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Paragraph 5 Bob (original)… Maybe CEO Nicholson will have something to say ?

      Well Lord Lucan has had zilch to say since 1974 ?

      And Lord Lucan-Nicholson will have zilch to say until 2044 !

      Not when it comes to Celtic injustices anyway !

  • Stewart says:

    At the moment the clicking of the keyboards wil be heard from a distance,,, tmorro onwards kyogo will be branded a cheat going down easily,,,calls for retrospective ban,,as for var,,, well we all know there’s a very good chance it could bite us in the arse next week,,

  • Dinger says:

    Var video advantage rangers

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Must be video advantage Queens Park Rangers Dinger as The Glasgow ‘Rangers’ died (c.2012)…

      But yep – I definitely hear and wholeheartedly agree with the jest of your quip for sure !!!

  • The great jc says:

    Nicholson, is a yellow bellied ground crawling coward whose family and children should disown him or likely be covered in the same stench as the spineless cretin he chooses to live as.
    A waste of good breathing space.

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