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Ally McCoist broadcasts his plan to commit Hate Crimes

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Ally McCoist has broadcast his plan to commit Hate Crimes at Sunday’s Glasgow Derby!

New legislation was introduced yesterday by the Scottish Government which has prompted extreme criticism from the likes of Douglas Ross and Murdo Fraser.

McCoist loves playing to the gallery with any criticism of the SNP or Scottish Government lapped up by the Ibrox fanbase that had to suffer his nightmare management of the club founded in 2012 by his business partner Charles Green.

Listening to TalkSPORT this morning The Sun reports McCoist saying:

We’ve got a hate bill. by the way, a hate bill has been passed in the country. And I can guarantee you, next Sunday at Ibrox, I, along with 48,000 will be committing a breach of that hate bill in the particular Rangers vs Celtic game we are all going to. It is madness.

Tellingly McCoist doesn’t go into any detail about what elements of hate he will be indulging in on Sunday.

Singing the praise of Philippe Clement or James Tavernier certainly doesn’t break any law, anyone singing their hatred for Catholics or Irish people could find themselves in trouble

With his lucrative media contracts with TNT, TalkSPORT, ITV and Amazon it requires a very special match for the former Question of Sport skipper to turn down another payday.

Broadcasting his intention to commit Hate Crimes in advance is bound to be a cause for concern with those companies.

In 2019 UEFA twice closed areas of Ibrox for Europa League matches due to the racist chanting of the home supporters, the SFA and SPFL took no action.

In 2006 UEFA banned the singing of The Billy Boys as fines were handed out to the old Rangers club. The SFA were instructed to ban the song in Scotland but after a few years it returned without any action being taken by the SFA.

Sky Sports will show the match from Ibrox with Chris Sutton and Kris Boyd expected to join Ian Crocker on the commentary gantry.

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  • Terence Nova says:

    What a comment to make…Is that not a crime in itself..?…Feckin’ FUD.


      Premeditation is crucial apportioning guilt. knowing in advance that what you are doing is illegal rules out the Ignorance of the Law, Guilt by association, there was a gang of them why pick on ? I didn’t mean to do ,accidental, they made me do it, provocation, All types of defence that are offered in mitigation. Doesn’t work or shouldn’t. Depends on which Bobby lifts you and on which Sheriff deals with you.
      We are all aware how conflicted our Polis & Judiciary are.

  • Redmond says:

    All it takes is one of the many outlets to state in their reporting that they won’t break any laws if they can only restrain themselves for 90minutes from singing about Irish Catholics… The fact they don’t even mention this simple fact in any of the written press is as bad as the fact that the hordes can’t even manage to hold their tongues for 90minutes.

  • Stevie says:

    Stupid little man

  • Bob (original) says:

    A full ibrox stadium – with no away supporters – for a potential, title deciding game.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    A ‘Huge Hatefest’ for 50K foaming bears in the making?

    Presumably then, Sky Sports already has plans to mask, or distort,

    the crowd noises throughout the whole game?

    This Hate Crime Act might be declared impotent within as little as one week!

    You’d think that our own lawyer, CEO MN, might ensure that the CFC group

    attending ibrox makes its own, audio recording of the whole game,

    – for future reference, just in case…?

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Isn’t the intention to commit a hate crime punishable by law?
    What about inciting other to commit a hate crime?

  • harold shand says:

    The cheeky chappie mask slipped again

    Now he’s back tracking like a mofo

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