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SFA announce Beaton will referee Sunday’s Glasgow Derby

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John Beaton has been confirmed as the referee for Sunday’s Glasgow Derby at Ibrox.

Last week Brendan Rodgers received a touchline ban for describing the Lanarkshire based official as incompetent following his role as VAR when Celtic lost 2-0 to Hearts at the start of March.

Beaton hasn’t been in charge of the Glasgow Derby since 2 January 2023 when Celtic scored a late equaliser through Kyogo Furuhashi.

That match was the first Derby fixture involving VAR, while the home side were awarded a penalty early in the second half Ange Postecoglou was angered by the decision not to award Celtic a penalty when a Carl Starfelt shot was blocked by Connor Goldson.

Willie Collum was on VAR duty that day, on Sunday Collum will be the Fourth Official with Nick Walsh the VAR.

Rodgers served his one match suspension at Livingston on Sunday and will be back in the dug out for Sunday’s match at Ibrox.

After last week’s appeal against a Notice of Complaint Celtic stated:

Following a hearing by the SFA disciplinary panel today (Thursday), Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has been issued with a two-match suspension. One match is immediate and will apply to this Sunday’s Premiership game against Livingston, while one match is suspended until the end of the 2023/24 season.

A Celtic Football Club statement said: “Clearly, we are disappointed with the outcome of today’s hearing, although we will accept the panel’s decision.

The Manager appeared at the hearing today, and his defence was presented robustly and thoroughly.

Like many other clubs, we will continue to press for the highest standards in relation to the VAR process in Scottish football.” 

CLICK HERE for confirmation of this weekend’s SPFL match officials.

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  • Stewart says:

    First piece of the jigsaw to stop celtic at all cost, am sure the team will be well warned,,, do expect the norm pen call,, and the abundance of free kicks in and around our box,, if we go and play our free flowing game and not forgetting it being let flow think we got too much for em,,

  • DixieD says:

    So BR calls the officiating at the Hearts game, and Beaton in particular incompetent. Robertson then given the Livi game, then Beaton given the derby on Sunday. Crawford Allan and the SFA are actually trolling us now!?

  • Stephen says:

    Strongly worded letter being sent with the usual disappointed added from the Celtic board.

  • Redmond says:

    It would appear that the last 2 games’ ref choice has put a big ‘2 fingers’ up at Celtic and all the big talk about DD apparently going all guns blazing for the SFA…

  • harold shand says:

    No shock or surprise at all

    totally predictable

  • John mcghee says:

    The celtic board are a dirty shower of cowards that don robertson on sunday and now john loyalist beaton for the derby game this sunday now this is my thinking is the sfa trying toget the celtic fans up set because if they are then they’re asking trouble honest especially after loyalist beaton 4 weeks ago the guy is just a scumhun who’ll give newco all the help he can because he’s at his favorite ground cheating liebrox..Scottish football is a joke and i can see trouble happening cos the corrupt sfa.spfl are laughing at the celtic board p.lawwell hang ur head in shame ya dirty money grabbing fat bastard get out of paradise if celtic get cheated out of this title ya rat..

  • Jim says:

    And I thought April fools day had passed.

    Well we know what’s coming, absolute scandalous, we knew this piece of shit Beaton was getting this or VAR, wee Willie collum threw in also as a patsy to appear as SPL preparing for the pre meditated mother of all stich-ups.

    UEFA / FIFA enjoy match fixing at it’s finest.

  • Terence Nova says:

    If we are subject to a serious corrupt and wrong decision on Sunday…BR should instruct the players to leave the field…YES there would be an attempt at sanctions and punishments…But our action would be highlighted world wide and it would shine a huge light into the dark corners of Scottish Football Officialdom…We have taken this shit for far too long…It’s time to say…NO MORE.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    It’s around six games since he’s had a Glasgow Derby but he’s inflicted plenty of other damage in other games both on the field of play and off it in The Monitor Room…

    Perhaps a final Glasgow Derby League game before he steps up to Surname – Surname’s impending vacant post but not before a probably final Glasgow Derby in The Scottish Cup Final to see a final trophy gifted to his heroes and free drink for the rest of his life in The Crown Bar in Bellshill…

    There again if they can see he can still create havoc on the field of play they might just give it to The Spawn of The Devil – Sonny Dallas !

  • Johnno says:

    Would any other organisation in world football even consider such an official for such a game, where the stakes are so high?

    This is the level of corruption, openly being shown by the scottish fa?

    What I will never understand is if it wasn’t for Celtic and what they have contributed to the Scottish national team with players of a Celtic connection, and yet get such decisions in return?

    This only shows up how fucked up scottish football remains, and the level of corruption within it, stinks to high heavens and remains rotten to the core?

    Would say the agenda in play currently, will make for possibly our greatest title victory ever achieved with overcoming the amount of obstacles and blatant cheating that we have already having to endure this season?

    We hardly help ourselves by playing into this agenda set out by the powers within the disgusting scottish fa, and continue to leave them unchallenged?

  • Bob (original) says:

    At his pre-match presser, BR should make a point of taking up Beaton.

    For example, something along the lines of;

    “I was wrong to call Beaton incompetent, and I was duly punished.

    I have every confidence that Beaton will officiate this derby game with the

    utmost professionalism, with integrity and with absolute fairness. He is a top rated

    Scottish referee, which is why he has been allocated this extremely

    important game. I don’t expect any controversies – at all – because

    I naturally expect a highly competent display from both the match and VAR officials.”


    • Terence Nova says:

      He’d get done for SARCASM Bob….Good try ‘though mate.
      Free Masons rule.

  • garry black says:

    what a joke him getting this massive game as he obviously favours the team from govan,just goes to show the bias in this country.COYBIG

  • Andrew cook says:

    Wat a joke enough said

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