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Disgusted, absolute garbage, serial loser- Sammy is the angriest bear on SSB as he lets rip at Tav

Image for Disgusted, absolute garbage, serial loser- Sammy is the angriest bear on SSB as he lets rip at Tav

Sammy from East Kilbride was probably the pick of the angry bears that called in to Radio Clyde last night.

James Tavernier was the main target for abuse but Philippe Clement wasn’t far behind Captain Disappointed as fans delivered their verdict on the 0-0 draw at Dundee.

Captain Disappointed has been through the scenario several times but after six months of adulation The Proper Manager is seeing a different side to his adoring public. When Kris Boyd gets critical you know things are in a bad way.

Caller after caller shared their despair as the SPFL title edges towards Celtic Park, Sammy displayed a controlled sense of anger but he wasn’t holding back as he let rip at what looks like another title failure.

It was absolute garbage. I know you’ve been defending him but that Tavernier, I’d put him right at the top because he is a serial loser.

He said himself in a matchday programme not that long ago that when it comes to this time of the season they get scared. They don’t have the mentality to finish a season properly.

They are quite happy at the start of the season hitting teams for three and four but when it comes to this time of the season, when the pressure is on they bottle it.

They’ve done it again and I’m disgusted, absolutely disgusted, not only be the results but by the performances. The last two or three weeks they’ve been GARBAGE and Clement hasn’t done himself any favours.

Six days on from his latest prediction of doom and gloom for Celtic, Hugh Keevins will be on tonight’s show from 6-8pm.

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  • Terence Nova says:

    It’s nice to hear a guy that knows what he’s talking about.

  • The Joker says:

    Auld Spew is back tonight that should be interesting,no doubt he will double down him being the studio klown and will tell us all sevco are still favourites for the league,and that Celtic will still blow it.

    This will be good to see how he talks himself out of it as in the space of 4 days he got PREDICTIONS spectacularly wrong,AGAIN.

    Celtic losing the league on Saturday at home to St. Mirren,sevco skelping County and sevco strolling up to Dundee and coming away with 3 points and the league title in their back pocket.

    So go on Spew get that shovel out and keep digging.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Ach well Sammy – It’ll be different next time, next season…

    It always is innit !

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