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Shamed McCoist walks away from his plan to commit Hate Crimes

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Ally McCoist has backed down from his pledge to commit Hate Crimes at Ibrox on Sunday.

Sadly it’s not because he won’t be joining in with the anti-Catholic and anti-Irish anthems of his fellow supporters, instead McCoist has had a sudden change of plan and will watch the action from Ibrox on television.

On Tuesday morning the chubby chappie was in his element as he launched another attack on the Scottish Government during the early morning show on TalkSPORT.

Looking to boost his reputation and profile with the Ibrox supporters he boasted that he would be committing Hate Crimes alongside 48,000 others when Celtic cross the city for a crucial SPFL fixture.

Almost instantly social media picked up on the mask slipping for the darling of English football fans, sadly there was barely any comment or condemnation of his plan by Scottish media outlets as the copied and pasted the comments from TalkSPORT.

Clearly there has been concerns raised by McCoist’s broadcast partners such as ITV Amazon, TNT and Viaplay which has forced a rapid about turn from the manager that led Rangers into liquidation in 2012.

Picking up on his appearance this morning on TalkSPORT, with Alan Brazil asking about his plans for Sunday The Sun reports McCoist saying:

No, I’m away with the kids for a couple of days. People are accusing me of doing this or doing that but there’s been a change of plans, I’m going away for a few days.

But a few of my older boys will be there, I’ll be watching it, and I’m sure I’ll get a text or two from you.

While McCoist was managing Rangers in 2011 UEFA banned travelling fans from attending the Champions League qualifier in Malmo as a punishment for racist songs from the previous season.

Losing to the Swedes set in motion the process that resulted in administration and liquidation forcing McCoist to TUPE over to the Tribute Act set up by Charles Green.

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  • The Joker says:

    He should have been served with his P45 from all the organisations he works in.

  • John Copeland says:

    I think the narrative from media pals of Super Swally is that he has a large overgrown garden which needs attended to on Sunday and he won’t manage to make the game ? If and when the singing of ‘ hate crime ‘ songs get sung at the derby game and the law gets broken ..will the broadcast commentators call it out ‘ live ‘ as it happens ? Big fake Kris Boyd , Crocker , Miller , MC Cann , Thompson , Hutton , Barbour et al ? Cue Mr Sutton …….

    • Bob (original) says:

      I’m guessing Sky Sports will mute / distort the ibrox crowd noise?

      But the bears in the stadium might still post phone video footage

      containing assorted songs / chants – which could then end up with Police Scotland

      as the basis of – quite a few – complaints?

      • Scouse bhoy says:

        White people moved into a lot of countries enslaved the locals and robbed them blind that is a sorry fact

  • Bob (original) says:

    Come Monday morning, Yousef might announce that

    the ‘Hate Crime and Public Order Act’ will be ‘temporarily’ shelved,

    – pending a review of its enforcement?

    And the next First Minister will shelve it permanently?

    It would be laughable if it wasn’t just further validation that Holyrood is

    occupied by political pygmies, [in the main],

    – and who are so out of touch with the Scottish taxpayers.

    Can’t blame Westminster for this SNAFU either! 🙁


      The Sectarian issue is just 1 of the aspects of this new law which really isn’t ‘ new’ at all.
      It consolidates existing law and adds the extra issue of ‘incitement to hatered’,

      Discrimination on the grounds of race, creed, religion, disability, or of sexual orientation is already illegal.
      All that is changed is that a new provision has been added to ban actions, speech, written or visual content that incites hatred.McSally put his foot in it by proving the necessity of the act by his very Public utterances on the issue.

      He created a media storm doon sooth which only served to highlight the Sectarian singing at the DebtDome and knocked on the head the usual exculpatory contribution by the Scaddish Medgia that its only a minority of the fans that indulge in this behaviour. He has put it in its proper context, a full house of bigots.

  • Gerry says:

    Typicall of that reptile McCoist slithering his way out of it. After giving it the big wan.

  • Ianbhoy1888 says:

    He’s a horrible rat

  • bob says:

    With regards for that laughable “Shut The White Man Up Only” Hate Speech Law, are any of the hypocritically deluded champagne socialists (who are of the opinion that their arses sit one foot-higher off the ground than everyone else’s, due to their sanctimoniously disingenuous fake virtue signalling) are any of yous going to launch complaints about that bigoted moonbeam Humza ‘ I Hate White People’ Yousaf, for standing in the middle of the Scottish Parliament, of a predominantly white country, spewing out his own hateful guff about the fact that he hates being surrounded by white people?

    Could you imagine the fake WOKE outrage from the ‘holier than thou’ socialist nutters, if one of us white people moved to a predominantly black country like Nigeria, the Nigerians embrace our arrival, taking us in and nurturing our career to such a point that we become the first white prime minister of a predominantly black country, with our first day in office being spent standing in the middle of a predominantly black parliament, surrounded by black people, of a predominantly black country, complaining about Nigeria being too black, do you think the Nigerians would sit back and allowed that? No? So why should the English, the Scottish, Welsh and Irish have too?

  • Drew67 says:

    He’s a rat alright and so is Brazil..used to enjoy his show but seen the light..he’s a rat tory like mcoist

  • harold shand says:

    He’s had his baws rapped by Sky or whoever else employs him and told to keep a low profile

    No doubt be back popping up everywhere next week if they get a result and all forgotten

    Lets hope we turn them over and he’s kept under his rock for a while

  • Tony B says:

    Sneaky chappie McCoist is lower than a snake’s belly.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    His cheeky chappie routine may have English media outlets fooled but we all know exactly what he is,he’ll get away with it but we all know

  • MartinKennea says:

    Sleekit whispering ride .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He has definitely been gotten at by somebody…

    Sevco ? – Highly unlikely as they’ll be with his comments all the way –

    The TV bosses ? – Maybe as it’s not a great look for them his stupidity…

    Polis Alba ? – Possibly, But you’ll never ever hear about it if it is –

    So then – Just send in his ‘Sons’ – It’ll be ok for them to do it cos they’re just exuberant young youthful lads !

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