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Where are the winners? Clement’s bottlers wipe the smile from Boyd’s face

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A month ago you couldn’t wipe the smile off Kris Boyd’s face.

The smartest man in Tarbolton was a permanent Cheshire Cat as he paraded about from show to show on Sky Sports.

Clinton Morrison was no match for Boyd’s razor wit in the studio while the bears lapped it up as their go-to media guy bossed it over Chris Sutton whenever the subject turned to Scottish football.

With Celtic imploding and A Proper Manager in place at Ibrox what could possibly go wrong?

When people speak about winners and needing to find them, you can’t go finding them, you’re born a winner. There’s something inside people that drives you on.

When you’re looking at it from Sunday’s defeat and the draw in Dundee you would say there are no winners in that squad.

James Tavernier has done it over a period of time now. In terms of trophies he might not have delivered the number he should have, but in terms of performances, he has.

He’s delivered big performances and scored big goals, but that’s a right-back.

If Rangers Football Club are depending on a right-back to bail them out of trouble week in, week out then they have got a big problem ahead of them.

There needs to be more from the forward areas. It’s all well playing a nice ball, pass, pass, but you need to find a spark.

Boyd seems happy to overlook the fact that 70% of Tavernier’s goals are from penalties, last night a run of four successive SPFL matches being awarded a penalty came to an end as Clement’s side drew a blank.

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  • scousebhoy says:

    take away the penalties how many times has he bailed them out ?. the amount of goals they lose down his side of the park far outweighs the free kicks he scores but the village idiot has picked him as his player of the year.

    • Captain Swing says:

      He’s thicker than the walls of a bank vault. He has little insight into football, hence the absence of any coaching career following a playing career characterised as a tubby goal-hanger with a questionable workrate and a poor attitude to teamwork who never achieved anything outside the shallow talent pool of the SPL/SPFL. This is how Sky Sports troll us – with a muppet who probably has ‘left’ and ‘right’ written on his shoes….. glad I dinnae give them any money!

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        Good man Capt. – Keep the money off the bar stewards…

        And EVERY other Celtic supporter should do the very same as well !

  • John Copeland says:

    Big Sutton with one word put the fear of god into big fake Kris Boyd on live broadcasting ,last night ,staying with me for ever ! Eilidh Barbour asked Boyd what the Rangers ” had to do next ” ? And before Boyd could hold the mic up to his big mouth Sutton interjected …prayers ! They needed to start praying ! Barbour burst out laughing ,nearly falling off her chair ,MC Fadden trying desperately to stifle his roar and Boyd looking like thunder desperate to scream back at Sutton with some naughty language knowing full well it would end his ” career ” in the media if he did? This was worth all the crap the SS throw at Celtic FC and all other clubs in Scotland ,just to witness the dread and realisation of the failure hitting his old clumpany … priceless and inspired from big Chris Sutton with that deadpan look of his .

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