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We bossed it! Deluded Phil goes deep into denial

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Philippe Clement was deep in delusion after his side drew 0-0 at Dundee.

One point from two matches means that the Ibrox club trails Celtic by three points when they were expected to leapfrog the hoops into top spot as the post-split fixtures begin.

Following on from Micky Beale the former Monaco boss was quickly described as A Proper Manager but with his title challenge falling to bits he is fast turning into the Belgian Beale but without the credit for being the Brains Behind Gerrard.

Ibrox fans don’t take kindly to defeat, failures in management rarely last beyond a year as Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Beale can testify.

Telling the fans the opposite to what they have been watching isn’t a wise move with criticism switching from the serial losers on the park to the man picking them with a run of two wins in eight matches going into a Scottish Cup semi-final.

It’s not the result I wanted but on the other side, the reaction, we bossed it today for the whole game.

Our structure, we created enough chances to win the game but the ball didn’t go in and that’s the story of today.

There was a good goalkeeper on the other side also who made a few good saves, they cleared a few balls on the line so luck wasn’t on our side.

Of course we could do some details better but if you play against a team that does man marking all over the pitch everywhere you go so there’s not much space so you need to be decisive.

We had chances to kill the game off and there were a few times they were really lucky defensively.

Clement is expected to host another media conference tomorrow to preview Sunday’s match against Hearts with the usual dose of delusion for the soft ball media questions.

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  • The Joker says:

    This guy talks that much shite should we win the title he will still say in everyone else’s eyes sevco are the champions.

  • FSTB says:

    Think this guys been binging on the lavvy water at murky Park.

  • The Joker says:

    Lol the daily sevco pressing the panic button now with the headline 14 players to get booted out of ibrox,that will be same journalists praising the team that heading for the quadruple this season,now they being binned.

    Now just where is wee Spew Heevins he hasn’t been seen or heard of since his bizarre statement at half time last Saturday that Celtic had blown the title,it’s gone sevco will beat County and Dundee midweek and be top of the league season over for Celtic.

    Auld Spew is always on radio snyde on a Monday night no sign of him or a mention from the panel,it’s now Thursday and he still ain’t been seen or heard of .

  • Mr Smith says:

    I watched the highlights last night.

    They must have removed the bits where Sevco bossed it.

  • harold shand says:

    ‘ 14 Rangers players in clear out demand ‘

    Panic stations at the Daily Record

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The rancid Record, part of The Scummy Scottish Football Media are notorious LIARS Harold so I’d just take that with a pinch of salt…

      It’ll be to soothe all The Sevco Huns that keep it living (But not for long) !

  • John Copeland says:

    And so we have it straight from the horse’s mouth …Dundee were ” licky ” last night ! My feeling is that behind the scenes big Clem – on frightens the bejesus out of his lot and they are petrified of the Belgian ? I could believe he would have a very short fuse sparkling to explode at any time ? There was a shot from the Sky cameras last night where Todd Cantwell was doing a Baz Ferguson and Alan McGregor routine after being subbed , sitting behind Clem – on holding 2 fingers up at his cheek ,as if he was sending out a coded message to the boss in defiance ? Name me one single player big Pip has improved and turned into a genuinely great player worth big dough since his tenure as head coach in Ibroxland ? I’m still waiting …….

  • Paul Mac says:

    I am just sitting here thinking … this manager … initials PC .. where have I seen that delusion before ??! Ahh the Caravans ….so here is a question … who is more deluded … Clement or Caixinha ??! Ahhh as the song goes I’m loving it loving it 😉

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