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As soon as it was announced last night that there would be a pitch inspection at Hamilton this morning it seemed inevitable that the match would be called off.

The predicted snowfall on Thursday failed to materialise which should have been the all clear for the match to go ahead thanks to Hamilton’s undersoil heating system.

Unfortunately despite the pitch being playable the match was called off after a 7.45 inspection because of a burst water main.

A statement on the Hamilton website said: “The Clydesdale Bank SPL match between Accies and Celtic has been postponed following an early morning inspection at New Douglas Park.

“A burst water main directly adjacent to the electronic controls for the undersoil heating pumps caused the problem.

“Secretary Scott Struthers said ‘It’s an unfortunate double whammy. Everyone is disappointed at having the game called off. The pitch was still playable yesterday evening, however the water on the electrics was a clear issue.’

“The SPL will announce a new date in due course. Shortly after the postponement snow began falling heavily and there are already reports of blizzard conditions elsewhere in Lanarkshire.”

Unfortunately, like the so-called pitch protection systems at their clubs, the SPL website is unavailable!

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  • seltikbhoy67 says:

    Welcome To the Mickey Moose League eh.

    Diddy teams-Crowds-Stadiums-FA-Players-Managers- Its a Laughing stock of Football man.

    The Old saying is True, You Hang around a Burning House Long enough, You will come out stinking a smoke.

    (That’s Celtic problem,
    Scottish football is Blazing on fire.)

    When I lived down south, sitting in pub, leading up to the Big TV games, Man utd v Chelsea etc, They’d stick an SPL match on.

    The ripping I used to take, Weeds growing out the top of clubs stands, Attendances 2-3 thousand,Long ball merchants. Motherwell’s atrocious pitch conditions.etc etc etc

    How on earth can we attract decent players to this nonsense.

    Hamilton with there super-market behind the goals, That’s another joke.

    Much Does it cost to put a water pump in front of the Electrics.

    The Celtic players had to sit in the freezing cold last night in there Hotel, due to power cut, Now this morning the game cancelled, I feel for them.

    Aswell as all those Fans who might have travelled from Ireland/England early.

    I say Fine Hamilton, They Talked about burst water mains.

    But what steps did they take to sort it ? Water pump ? Sand Bags ? Did they call the corporation out ?

    Relegate them Now man !!!

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Load of bollocks as far as I’m concerned….
    Bottom line is…it’s too expensive to run the under-soil heating …so fabricate a story to fit!! Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the game at Freezebrox was “fiddled” as well to save money……..
    As for the statement that snow started falling heavily just after the postponement……
    I live very near to Hamilton…it ain’t snowing here….nor threating to either…..
    No wonder Scottish football is in the mess it’s in.
    This game was NEVER going ahead….and Hamilton FC know it!!

  • seltikbhoy67 says:

    Mike Bhoyle.

    I got my suspicions about the Hun game being cancelled also.

    Although it’s not money saving.

    If I’m correct there was articles in the papers saying there was concerns if certain players got a yellow card they’d miss the Derby on the 2nd.

    Nothing surprises me anymore with there dirty tricks to win this title.

    I’m in Eastkilbride and there was a half hour of light snow, nothing to concerning.

    3 weeks now without Football is to much, and they saying (Forecasters) That we should prepare for another week of heavy snow.

    So will the games next week survive ??.

    If Hamilton’s under soil heating had probs,Then don’t have all SPL clubs have the Heated Blanket coverings as back-up ?

    As a country who experience’s this Every year we are so Un-prepared.


  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    There’s claims on other Forums that the problem at Hamilton was known on Tuesday….but they had no intention of fixing it…’cos then the blanket would have to have been put on….
    makes you wonder why football fans bother their a***

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