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Sky Sports Scottish pundit is red carded

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Neil McCann sent offSky Sports pundit Neil McCann was red carded during yesterday’s Dunfermline v Forfar First Division play-off.

The visitors were leading 4-1 at one stage but lost 7-4 on aggregate after extra-time with just EIGHT players left at the final whistle.

McCann clashed with Forfar boss Dick Campbell after the second ordering off with both men sent to the stand by referee Stevie O’Reilly.

After the match Campbell said: “It annoys me when people try to influence referees and get players sent off.

“I am not having a go at the Pars but Forfar live within our means. We do not have debt and did well to reach the play-offs.

“I’d get sent off in a warm-up these days. Three critical decisions went against us. How can you put us down to eight men? It makes a laughing stock of the game.”

Dunfermline face Alloa this week for a place in the First Division with boss Jim Jefferies blaming Campbell for the dug-out aggro.

“Forfar caused their own downfall by getting three men sent off,” the Pars boss claimed. “Dick has come across and blamed Neil for trying to influence the referee.

“You can’t go in to another dug-out. He is an experienced manager and knows that.

“If someone’s giving you verbals you will say something back but Neil was harshly punished. Forfar thought they had it won but we showed otherwise.”

McCann and Campbell are likely to be asked to explain their actions by the SFA once the referee’s report has been received.

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  • OZ CELT aka Davie bhoy says:

    Really !

  • Mulsiebhoy says:

    The pundit who should be red-carded FROM Sky-Sports, is that odious, bitter, ungrateful little rat, Andy Walker. To describe Fraser Wright’s cowardly assault on Lustig as “using his experience” defies belief. When a friend and colleague once challenged him, on his never- ending berating of Celtic, he retorted that “YOUS Celtic fans have got a chip on YOUR shoulder” I don’t want any cheer-leaders, like BFDJ or HATEley, but fair-minded ness and genuine objecjtivity are obviously not the order of the day! Hail x 2

  • KevinBarry says:

    So wait, is Neil McCann a player or coach?

  • vino says:

    Walker is a whinger .Wishing David Moyes all the best for next season. Davie played for the Champions Celtic,and well done for 2 in a row.

  • Declan Forde says:

    Craig Burley is another ex-Celt who seems to delight in being critical of his former employers.But at least he has some pedigree having played for Chelsea in the EPL.Walker on the other hand was a complete nonentity till he joined Celtic and you’d think he be a little bit grateful.Not him though the swivel eyed get.!

    • KevinBarry says:

      Aye but burley played for a Chelsea side. A side that was comparable to maybe west brom or Sunderland these days

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    If it wasn’t for Celtic no-one would know that wee fanny walkers name.
    As far as past Celtic players are concerned, walker was a bit-part player at best, he’s more reknowned now for being the sleekit two faced ingrate he is, than anything he ever done in a Celtic strip.
    ‘The Celtic strip doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players’, I guess there’s always the exception that proves the rule.
    Treacherous little weasle.

  • Andy says:

    Walker should be fired for that comment yesterday he must be held accountable for his despicable crass ramblings

  • gerrym says:

    does anyone remember him condoning diving saying its part of the game to do so,now assaulting someone is part of the game too ,ithink i might complain to sky sports

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