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Mather refuses McCoist transfer funds

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Ally McCoist, Ian Durrant newsThe simmering tension at Ibrox is close to boiling point as Ally McCoist battles to sign Kenny Miller and Bilel Mohsni.

Last week Craig Mather warned the former Question of Sport skipper to balance the books with the Englishman having his position as chief executive made permanent since making that statement.

McCoist has signed seven players since the end of last season but wants more as he faces upto the demands of a season among the big boys of SPFL League One.

Mohsni has done enough in his four games as a trialist to convince McCoist that he is worth a new deal but Mather won’t commit any new funds to the squad until some players leave.

“The biggest predicament with Mohsni isn’t the player,” he explained. “There has been a lot of speculation because he is a trialist.

“He’s here playing in games and in the public eye but there are another couple of faces we’re looking at as well and that was one of the things Alistair and I were discussing on Tuesday night.”

McCoist has also gone public on his wish to sign Miller but was given no encouragement by the man that holds the purse strings at Ibrox.

Mather admitted: “There’s a balance in the players we have signed. (Jon) Daly is an older head while Nicky Clark is younger.

“But there’s a possibility some players could move on and that might influence our requirements.

“Something could happen regarding a new signing by Friday, but agents do make things interesting.”

Miller’s agent is Dave Baldwin who accompanied McCoist and Kenny McDowall in Honduras as they looked at Arnold Peralta.

Despite not having a work permit for the UK Peralta played in last night’s 1-0 win over Bundesliga giants Gutersloh.

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  • VinnieBhoy says:

    Perhaps it’s me, but “Bundesliga GIANTS” Gutterslosh play a game of kick-me-hard against Scottish “Giants”, Guttersnipes. It’s an over-used phrase, but you really couldn’t make this up.
    Hun shares crash again ! Roll on the day when they’re gone, FOREVER.
    HAIL ! HAIL !
    DING ! DONG !

  • mick says:

    so moshi will have played all his trialist gmes and more and no work permits ah its sevco that’s ok then

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    He should be ok.

    Shoorly he’s still got that front loaded warchest, estimated by challs green as being anywhere between 10 & 30million powwwennds, to dip into?


  • williebhoy says:

    Money getting super tight despite the 32,000 season tickets huh….speaks volumes as does the share price crashing.

    I’d still offer them £ 150-200k for Lee Wallace…a player we should have snapped up or at very worst forced the price up when he was at Hearts. Would be an ideal cover player for our left flank & could dovetail well with Izzy dropping in to cover whoever is pushing forward,

    Just sit back & wait though….we might well get him for hee haw when the next batch refuse to tupe over LOL…..still the same club that hasn’t played in the SPL before though.

  • Pyewacket1888 says:

    The former Question of sport skipper. Genuine lol. Great satire. Also bundesliga giants ……..?????? Who. I’ve honestly never heard of them. Top reporting guys. HH.

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