Date: 6th December 2015 at 1:16pm
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Dave King G & SUnionist MSP James Kelly has praised Dave King over his pledge to pay a handfull of staff the living wage!

Taking the South African based criminal on his word is a dangerous business as investors, tax collectors and judges in his adopted homeland know to their cost.

Attention seeking Kelly looks certain to join the ranks of the unemployed on 6 May 2016 when the good folk of Rutherglen get the opportunity to end his privileged lifestyle of first class travel, expenses and the other benefits that a career in politics offers.

While Kelly lapped up the sound-bites from the AGM the more discerning of his constituents will have noted that the club in the Govan area haven’t in fact signed up to the Living Wage.

Like Mr King’s promise to repay £5m to Sports Direct, Kelly should realise that it is the comment of a glib and shameless liar.

Showing the awareness that saw new Labour virtually wiped off the map at the Westminster elections earlier this year the Rutherglen MSP said: “I welcome the announcement by Rangers that they will adopt the living wage and pay it to all their employees.

This is a significant move which I know will be welcomed by supporters of all clubs.

Football clubs have an important role to play in taking a lead and ensuring that workers are paid a fair days’ pay for a fair days’ work.

This increases the pressure on Celtic and I am calling on the Celtic board to reconsider their position and pay all their staff a living wage.”

Rather than desperately chase votes in the hope of hanging onto his Holyrood meal ticket Kelly ought to look beyond the headlines before opening his gob.

For the avoidance of doubt Celtic pay the living wage to all full-time employees. Committing to the Living Wage charter would be appreciated by almost all supporters and the lowest paid employees who mainly work in the club’s retail stores.

As he enters the last five months of his political career Kelly should perhaps consider throwing his support behind the hundreds of Glasgow businesses and public bodies that went unpaid by liquidation in 2012.

While taxi companies, florists and newsagents suffered hardship for unpaid bills Kelly’s Hero Mr King enjoys first class travel between South Africa and the UK while the likes of Lee Wallace, Ally McCoist, David Templeton, Andrew Dickson and Lee McCulloch have raked in fortunes since 2012.

In 2010 unionist Kelly took the Rutherglen seat with a majority of less than 2,000 from the SNP, it won’t take many more voters to switch side’s to end the gravy train for the out of touch Labour man. At the Westminster election SNP took the Rutherglen seat with a 10,000 majority.

CLICK HERE for the full list of Living Wage employers

NOTE (SFTB) Your comments are as welcome as a Scottish new Labour MP at Westminster, the only thing that your hero Kelly is interested in and campaigning for is to retain his meal-ticket, I have contempt for all politicians with a special personal distaste for the ‘working class warriors’ of new Labour.

There are other outlets for your party political broadcasts, enjoy. We are almost in 2016 and the Scottish working class no longer blindly back the smug chancer with a red rosette.