Date: 25th July 2016 at 12:05pm
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Ian Durrant has spoken out about the horror of LIQUIDATION at Rangers Football Club.

The L word has been withdrawn from the vocabulary of many organisations such as the BBC but in the summer of 2012 the Ibrox club suffered the fate that Hearts, Motherwell and Dundee avoided through a CVA.

Durrant played at coached for the Ibrox club before being axed from the coaching staff by Mark Warburton as a cost cutting measure.

Although he managed to TUPE his contract over to the new club formed by Charles Green in the summer of 2012 Durrant witnessed first hand the consequences of years of over spending coming home to roost.

Speaking to the Daily Mail at an event to promote Ladbrokes he admitted: “I was there for really terrible times inside Rangers,’ said Durrant. ‘So it feels a shame not to be around as the club is on the up again.

Through liquidation, a lot of great Rangers people lost jobs. I was fortunate to get kept on, so I realise and appreciate what I’ve had. Others weren’t as lucky as me.

It was heartbreaking to see people leave who I’d known since I was the baby at the club. People whose lives were Rangers. I’m still young enough and have a chance to move on. They were in a position where it must have been awful for them to be sacked.

Office staff, Laura Tarbert the manager’s secretary of 40 years’-plus service. People who held the club together.

Those were horrible times to feel the atmosphere around Murray Park, see the empty rooms. Now it’s vibrant. It was sad to leave what I’m sure is going to be a successful environment again.”

In 2012 Rangers Football Club joined Third Lanark and Gretna in the graveyard of Scottish football when they were unable to agree a CVA with creditors.

Green’s club were fast tracked through to SFL and SFA membership ahead of well run audited clubs such as Spartans and Edinburgh City.