Date: 26th November 2016 at 11:09am
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The growing power of James Traynor inside Ibrox was demonstrated again yesterday- in the reflection of a Parks of Hamilton minibus!

It’s hard to argue that the Sevco AGM was anything other than stage managed with the former Daily Record heavyweight the focus.

The speeches from Dave King and Mark Warburton were published on the club website almost as soon as the polite applause had died down with the stamp of Traynor obvious to all..

Tellingly there was no opportunity to interview anyone after the event, at the recent Celtic AGM both Peter Lawwell and Ian Bankier spoke to various outlets about a range of issues.

With no post AGM access to King or anyone else STV and a few others decided to try and catch a word with the Ibrox chairman as he left the meeting.

It’s the sort of interview that King normally revels in, those accidental pavement interviews when friendly reporters just happen to be in the right place at the right time and of course ask the right questions.

With the tribute act floundering in third place, the summer signings flopping spectacularly and Celtic going from strength to strength the #goingfor55 slogan has fallen off the radar.

Having fed their viewers all the spin during the summer it’s not unreasonable to expect Mr King to have a few words for STV viewers during a rare visit to Glasgow.

The video captures the scene perfectly- thanks to the high quality valet of the Park’s vehicle!

After seeking a word with King @stvraman is seen getting a dressing down from Traynor- clearly disobeying instructions.

With a stand off between the club and the BBC the need to keep STV on message is obvious.

Having been publicly snubbed, and some might say humiliated, STV has the power to keep the pressure on King over his broken promises- or leap up and down at the next crumb from the transfer table pushed their way.

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