Date: 10th January 2017 at 6:35am
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The Daily Record has turned to Walter Smith in a plea to get Dave King to stop Celtic’s march to ten-in-a-row.

Yesterday Paul Murray’s favourite newspaper called Mr King out on a series of broken promises while Mark Warburton used his limited contact book to bring in any cast-off in on loan.

The fear of ten-in-a-row is overwhelming from Ibrox with further emergency loans needed if administration is to be avoided this season.

Three comprehensive defeats from Celtic while King sits at home in South Africa, grateful that he’s not slopping out in prison, has put some reality on the so called 2015 revolution.

The Record fronted the campaign for regime change but as the gap with Celtic grows week by week they’ve turned to one of the architects of Rangers liquidation for a solution.

In a classic Smith statement the former chairman and non-executive director of Sevco told the Record: “For Rangers to get access to Champions League money they may have to take a gamble and risk going into debt.”

Under Smith Rangers used a limitless overdraft from Bank of Scotland that terrified Halifax when they took over the Edinburgh institution.

In his second stint refusal to pay Her Majesty income tax and national insurance bought three titles and three Champions League runs to keep the wolf from the door until Ally McCoist fouled up.

Smith added: “All you can say from a Rangers perspective, is everyone involved with the club knows what they have to do to get there. Everybody can make all the noises they want about being sensible but it boils down to being prepared to take that gamble.

Celtic have done that and their successes are outweighing their failures.

The problem at Rangers is, you’ve got to do it. It’s the same if you’re a manager or a board member, you’ve got to find a way to win.”

The consequences of Smith and Murray finding a way to win was liquidation, incredibly no lessons have been learned!