Date: 7th November 2017 at 5:10pm
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A survey of 16,000 Scottish football fans has revealed enormous disillusionment with governance of the game.

The Scottish Football Supporters Association set up the online poll that revealed that 93% of supporters want an independent watchdog to monitor the game.

There was little consolation for the SFA and SPFL to take from the survey but since both bodies are made up of the clubs the findings are more damaging.

After being exposed in 2012 with the liquidation of Rangers the SFA and SPFL, who grew from the SPL and SFL have been looked at much more closely.

The commercial need to have a club from Ibrox in the top flight seems to have influenced every decision with Andrew Dickson, Paul Murray, Dave King and Alastair Johnston given the red carpet treatment despite being pivotal to the death of a club that had survived for 140 years.

Henry McLeish, a board member of the SFSA told the BBC: “This challenging independent research into how Scottish football governance is seen has uncovered some very concerning issues, but also provides a real opportunity for change.

“The fact that over 60% of fans say that they could end up leaving the game in the future rings a major alarm bell, as does the knowledge that almost a quarter say they never attend away games.

“What we appear to have is a big disconnect between the football authorities at Hampden Park and those who are essential to the flourishing of the game at a hands-on – supporters certainly, but also players, coaches, managers and volunteers.”

The full findings of the survey will be published later tonight.

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