Date: 24th November 2017 at 6:48am
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Barry Ferguson has hit out at the Sevco board for failing to respond to Celtic’s charge towards 10-in-a-row.

Almost three years since Dave King bought up the shares to ensure regime change Sevco appear to be further away than ever from winning the SPFL Premiership.

Season six of the journey has barely started with Celtic nine points ahead at the top of the table leaving the tribute act to scrap with Motherwell, Hibs and Aberdeen for consolation prizes.

Ferguson is a child of the Murray era where cheating and financial doping reinforced a sense of entitlement that allowed the club to dominate domestically with the former club skipper having £2.5m stashed into a ‘tax free’ offshore trust.

That scam isn’t available to the current Ibrox directors who have to challenge Celtic with a third of the turnover enjoyed by the six-in-a-row champions.

Further Celtic title wins has crippled the Ferguson family with fear as Barry explained to Daily Record readers.

At a time when I’ve got Celtic fans shouting at me in the street, gloating about going for 10 successive league titles, the mindset at my old club is now so weak that we’ve been conditioned into thinking three wins on the trot – for the first time in a year – is actually something to be proud of?

Well, I’m sorry for my language but get that to f***! No wonder the Celtic fans find it funny. We would too if the shoe was on the other foot but, as a Rangers fan, I have reached a point where I need to speak up and to tell the guys in charge that this current state of affairs is simply not acceptable.

Listen, let’s get one thing crystal clear before I go on. Dave King and the rest of the directors will always have my respect and admiration for what they have done for my football club.

They didn’t just win control of it when they forced the last lot of muppets out. They absolutely saved it.

For that act alone, I will always owe them a debt of gratitude. Every Rangers fan I know feels the exact same way but, more than two years on, there comes a point when you have to hold them to account and ask a simple question: “Now you’ve saved the club, can you actually run it?”

It’s been four weeks since they sacked the previous manager and the silence from the boardroom has been deafening.

As a fan I want to know, where is the leadership? Where is the transparency they promised?

Like the rest of the support, I’ve been left completely in the dark and it’s simply not good enough to be told by some faceless spokesman that they’ve got everything under control.

Have they really? Well, if they do, why doesn’t one of them come out and tell us what they are doing about finding Pedro Caixinha’s replacement?

Because from the fans’ perspective it looks very much like they don’t have a clue who they want. Or even if they do have a list of candidates they can’t agree over who is the best man for the job.

I’m sorry guys – I will always respect you for what you have done – but this is not the way a club like Rangers should be doing its business. It’s another unacceptable sign of just how far the club’s standards have slipped.”