Date: 17th May 2018 at 7:40pm
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It could easily pass as a description from many Scottish towns and villages during June and July, the Marching Season as is lovingly called.

Instead of Larkhall, Kilwinning or Harthill it was Manchester that hosted them in their thousands.

These days the largest Orange Walks in Scotland struggle to attract 15,000 to celebrate their culture, in 2008 Manchester had to add a zero to that figure as the dregs of Scottish society poured south for their very own Seville.

Looking back at a couple of never to be forgotten days the Manchester Evening News recalled:

A bloodied fan, shirtless and barely able to stand, vomits into a sea of litter covering Piccadilly Gardens.

Others watch and cheer as a man shamelessly urinates in a spot normally filled with families shopping or enjoying days out in the city centre.

Later in court a judge described the scenes as ‘the worst night of violence and destruction suffered by Manchester city centre since the Blitz’.

The BBC later devoted a whole episode of Crimewatch to the drunken carnage as the third city of England came under siege from a drunken lawless mob- drawn by Walter Smith’s bus parkers.

Typically in Scotland it was as Chelsea supporters, broken screens, poor planning and too much sunshine and alcohol were used to mask an uncomfortable truth about Scotland’s Shame.

A month earlier a banner unfurled by Celtic supporters summed up the issue perfectly. In 2018 Scotland is still making excuses for the undesirable underclass who spew their hatred from bagpipe playing toffs in Rome through to their cousins abusing Neil Lennon every day in life.

CLICK HERE for the unpublished pictures released by the Manchester Evening News.