Date: 18th May 2018 at 6:57am
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Barry Ferguson believes that top English stars will leave their lucrative EPL contracts behind to play under Stevie Gee!

Moonbeams about Lucas and Jermaine Defoe have taken root among the Sevco support as they contemplate bringing in players one year into eye watering deals elsewhere.

According to the Daily Mail Defoe will pick up £20m over the three years of his Bournemouth deal, if Lucas isn’t getting something similar from Lazio he ought to switch agent.

No club has ever achieved success in a season by bringing in 11 new players, or a squad of 18 but that notion is gaining credibility at Ibrox.

Every single aspect of the company is dwarfed by Celtic with the Ibrox club led by a South African tax criminal and a pensioner in charge of a Lanarkshire based car dealership.

Despite the mountain of problems Ferguson can see Defoe ditching his lucrative Bournemouth deal to star alongside Josh Windass, Young McCrorie and Declan John.

The former Clyde boss told Daily Record readers:

“Without being disrespectful to some of the previous managers at Ibrox, if Rangers had picked up the phone to a Defoe, Martin Skrtel, Lucas Leiva or even a young talent like Dominic Solanke over the last few years it would have been a pretty quick conversation.

What’s that? You want me to move to Glasgow? Not today thanks mate.” Phone down.

But when the man on the other end of the line is a someone of the calibre and standing of Gerrard you have no choice but to hear him out. His name alone demands it.

“It’s a conversation that would excite the vast majority of players in Britain right now.

And the question, “Aye but how much money is in it?”would be pretty far down their list.

That’s not to say they’d do it for free. Of course they won’t.

In 2005 Ferguson quit Blackburn to sign a contract worth a third of that money for Rangers (IL).

Fortunately for the midfielder he also negotiated a £2.5m disguised remuneration payment that the club claimed was an EBT. The Supreme Court thought otherwise.

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