Date: 14th September 2018 at 12:21pm
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After six years suffering in silence another Scottish club has stood upto to the and questioned them on TRUST!

Within a member organisation trust is everything, all members being treated the same but in recent times that phrase has been sold down the river to Scottish football fans.

Led by the cowards at the top of the tree fans have been told that one club, both versions is utterly essential to the well-being of the game meaning that adjustments and allowances had to be made for their benefit.

Social unrest and Armageddon were the phrases used in 2012 and while neither occurred they laid down the ground rules as everything from UEFA Financial Fair Play downwards was sold out in order to reunite the beloved Old Firm monster which apparently allows the Scottish game to survive.

There isn’t a season ticket holder in the country that buys into the fantasy with the actual playing rules of the game taken apart this season to try and breathe life into the Gerrard debt funded Revolution from Ibrox.

Today finally Aberdeen have spoken out about the abuse of power and how ‘smaller’ clubs have been punished unfairly while an ungrateful monster in the corner gets every decision going while fuelling the conspiracies within their toxic support.

FC finds the explanation provided by the SFA in relation to the Michael Devlin red card appeal unacceptable.

The club maintains its view that the player was wrongfully dismissed, that the evidence presented was a robust defence and was overwhelmingly compelling in the player’s favour.

In light of recent decisions taken by the SFA, the club believes it is imperative for the country’s football authorities to establish consistency and transparency in the appeal and referral process and will engage in dialogue with the SPFL in this regard to seek their assistance.

Furthermore, at a time when technology is making a significant and positive impact across sport, the club believes that the impact of the VAR system trials in the English Premier League need to be considered if stakeholders in the game are going to regain trust in the process.

AFC is aware that the views we have expressed are held by many who have found key appeal and referral decisions this year perplexing and want to see the governing body dealing with this proactively, with a consistent and transparent appeals process high up on the agenda.

Doing so would enhance the game’s integrity, greatly assist referees, improve the game for fans and, ultimately, the perception of Scottish football.

Hopefully that statement will see Aberdeen hit with a disrepute charge with blundering chief executive Ian Maxwell opening up a can of worms that will finally see fairness applied across the Scottish game.