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SPFL gets massive cash boost but it comes with clauses

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The SPFL has been paid in full for broadcasting rights to the current season according to a report in The Sun.

Broadcasting income is the biggest outside source of income to Scottish football, forming the bulk of the end of season prize money that is distributed to all 42 clubs.

Since March 13 there has been no football anywhere in Scotland with clubs feeling the pinch ahead of next week’ March pay-roll.

Payments are made at different stages of the season but the most significant pay-out is at the end of the season based on final league positions.

This morning The Sun has good news for Scottish clubs:

BROADCASTERS and have already paid the SPFL in full for the 2019-20 season – even though a number of matches remain outstanding and may never be played.

SunSport understands that all broadcast revenues were paid as scheduled before the end of the season, which should allow cash to be distributed to clubs as soon as a final mechanism for prize money pay-outs can be decided upon.

The football debate will now focus on what to do next with three options available: resume and complete the season, declare the current positions as final or mark the season null and void.

The final option is believed to be a non-runner with the SPFL (the clubs) then liable to return broadcast and sponsorship income.

With eight rounds of still to be played and are still owed matches by the SPFL including two derbies and the Play-Off games.

A Joint Response Group of the SFA and SPFL meet on a daily basis at with the broadcasting deal and a potential pay-back at the top of their agenda.

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