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How Mark the Celtic fan celebrated 9-in-a-row live with Jim White on TalkSPORT

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On Monday Jim White must have feared that he would be live on air at TalkSPORT when word came through that Celtic had clinched a second nine-in-a-row.

A conference call of Premiership clubs was due at 10am with just one item on the agenda- concluding the 2019/20 season, awarding the title and dishing out the prize money.

White’s mid-morning show also started at 10am with the broadcaster preparing for the news from the SPFL at some stage during the show.

11am passed without any announcement, when the clock struck mid-day White, who goes to incredible lengths in public to deny being an Ibrox fanatic, must have thought that he might escape without hearing the news that he dreaded.

But then……

It was time for the Sky Sports smoothie to display his professionalism, pretend that he is on the fence for Scottish football, without an emotional attachment.

JW: I think that it’s only right that we finish with Celtic call today, Mark has been waiting patiently, Mark good afternoon to you


Natalie: Very good Mark

JW: So Mark, do you think this is the right decision, the only logical decision Mark?

Mark: What do I think? I think it was a fair decision, I think it was the correct decision but a big proper shout out by the way is to Neil Lennon. I want to give a shout out because he arrived last year, Rodgers obviously went to Leicester, we can’t even remember his first name any more.

Neil Lennon came in, the stuff that was thrown at him by the media and obviously the media hype surrounding Gerrard, what he was going to do. Neil Lennon has cleaned the board.

Danny Murphy: Yeah, well said.

Mark: For me as a Celtic fan I was actually delighted when he came back, you’ve got to give this guy some credit. There has been a lot of chat over the last hour, his name hasn’t been mentioned that much

JW: OK, Mark, a final one from us because we are running out of time but in a sentence mate. So that’s nine, will there be ten?

Mark: There will be 11 and 12

JW: Ha ha ha, Mark the Celtic fan, very happy this Monday lunchtime. Celtic crowned champions, Hearts are relegated.

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