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Celtic regain control with significant media move

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Celtic made a very subtle change to the media arrangements today that seems to have given the club a greater degree of control over the content.

Normally on a Friday there will be a flurry of tweets from BBC, Radio Clyde, Sky Sports, PLZ and some others carrying quotes from Neil Lennon which fans instantly react to.

Today there was ‘radio silence’ from today’s media conference. Not a single quote came out and there were certainly a few news-lines emerging.

Word that Moi Elyounoussi and Shane Duffy have picked up knocks in training was news worthy but not as big as the breaking news on James Forrest and Chris Jullien.

Forrest has had a set-back in his rehab but from a three to four month time line for Jullien’s absence it has grown to six to nine months.

In normal circumstances those developments would have quickly been on Twitter, shared, retweeted and commented on far and wide. But not today.

Celtic seemed to have things embargoed, not a word, tweet or anything else emerged until they put the full conference up on You Tube and Twitter around 2.20pm.

Even then no individual tweets emerged, some stories were published in full, different aspects of the conference were highlighted but only in the form of a full story rather than the usual eye-catching tweet.

Around 10.30pm tonight stories will emerge from Lennon’s session with the daily newspapers, that embargo is closely followed and protected but from today’s actions it appears that Celtic are being more protective of their content from their invited media partners.

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