Date: 9th April 2021 at 8:30pm
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It lasted barely more than 12 hours, after announcing a boycott of the company from Ibrox were tweeting their hearts away today.

Of course the heavily on message , , , , Radio and TalkSPORT gave them plenty of coverage for their bold principled stance against racism. Incredible to think of the progress being made less than two years after were twice forced to close sections of Ibrox as punishment for repeated racist actions by supporters.

None of their mainstream partners touched on that minor detail.

Apparently the plan was to put , and Instagram on their knees by denying them a string of bland messages from the club founded in 2012 by Charles Green. For some reason however they just couldn’t stay away. You name it they tweeted about it.

Mister Gerrard’s media conference was relayed, as was Pip Helander. An elderly man died and they tweeted about it, had his contract extended and onto Twitter they went.

Tomorrow Hibs visit Ibrox, every effort to play the patriotic card will be exploited.