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Ibrox PR guru has simple solution to Sweet Caroline storm

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Yesterday was something of a nightmare for those in charge of the Ibrox PR machine.

Throughout the season anyone or any publication going off message will miss out on the Zoom invites for a short period then be brought back into line. It worked a treat.

As the title was won there was no mention of the incredible test results in the face of a global pandemic. No one touched the incredible record of 38 matches without a player red carded in the SPFL, in four Europa League games two red cards were issued with another player picking up a three match ban for an off the pitch assault.

It has been a piece of cake. Last week they managed to keep everyone in check with minimal messaging about the carnage that the citizens of Glasgow were expecting on Saturday.

When it all spewed over across Twitter on Saturday night they had their defence prepared. Small minority, so-called fans etc etc but no mention of Chelsea fans since they were watching their team lose the FA Cup Final.

It all went wrong late on Sunday when Sweet Caroline emerged from the bowels of the stadium, The Old Lady as the Main Stand is affectionately known as.

Throughout Monday the pressure built up, in mid afternoon Police Scotland announced that they were investigating sectarian aspects of the singsong.

Another unconvincing statement was released but there is a very simple solution. The video shows numerous people recording the singing of Sweet Caroline, release the original untampered version and the good name of Steven Gerrard’s players will be instantly cleared. Simple isn’t it.

The club stated:

We are aware of a video circulating on social media. It is evident that this video was shared with an adjoining narrative which attempts to discredit our players and the reputation of Rangers Football Club. This highlights the dangers of ‘trial by social media.’

It is deeply concerning that this video has been taken as genuine and has been shared widely including by some political representatives who should be mindful of their influence and legal processes.

Our squad is richly diverse. Sectarianism is unacceptable and has no place in our club which is underlined by our Everyone Anyone campaign.

We are confident that no criminality took place, we have sought legal advice and look forward to cooperating with Police Scotland.

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